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 bible study at home ,illegle

have you herd in orange county ,usa ,it is now unlawfull to have in you home a bible study with more then three people , fines range from 300 dollars

the times are changing ,,the lawless one is gaining strength

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 Re: bible study at home ,illegle

I alluded to this in another thread earlier today. The thing is in Orange County you can have an Amway or Tuppleware or drinking party with mire than 3 people and and not be cited. I believe this law is being challenged and hopefully will be overturned. But given the hostility against believers in this country, one wonders.


 2012/2/24 17:32

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yea ,you can probably do many more things , like things i wont mention do due the shamfullness of the practice ,
may the law be over throwen ,,,,but in reality ,,, i would realy expect these things to start happening scince we are coming into the last hours

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 Re: bible study at home ,illegle

California Couple Fined $300 for Holding Home Bible Studies

Published September 21, 2011

| NewsCore



A southern California family has been fined for holding regular Bible studies at their home because it violates a city zoning code, The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

The city of San Juan Capistrano, in Orange County, fined Charles and Stephanie Fromm $300 for having as many as 50 people assembled at their home twice a week, the Times reported. City officials also warned the couple that subsequent fines could increase if they continued to host the Bible studies without obtaining a special permit.

A religious legal non-profit group, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), has taken up the case saying the fine was a violation of religious freedom.

A spokeswoman for the city of San Juan Capistrano stressed that local authorities were not trying to prohibit home Bible study.

Instead, she said the city fined the Fromms for transforming a residential area into a place where people regularly assemble.

"The Fromm case further involves regular meetings on Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons with up to 50 persons, with impacts on the residential neighborhood on street access and parking," spokeswoman Cathy Salcedo said in an email to The Los Angeles Times.

Brad Dacus, an attorney for the Public Justice Institute, said the Fromms live in a semi-rural area and have not caused any parking problems for neighbors.

The city "needed some kind of rational basis to justify their rigid intolerance towards this family for having a Bible study in their home," Dacus told the Times.

He said the Fromms should have their money returned, adding that PJI intends to defend "this family's home Bible study all the way to the US Supreme Court, if necessary."

The Fromms could not be reached Wednesday for comment, the Times said

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Dear brother Gary,

In truth, the True Church is gaining strength and the people that know their God will do exploits. (Daniel).

It is vital that you don't think in those terms. "The lawless one is gaining strength".

Let me tell you why.

It is always good to believe that all things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purposes. If you ever watched "The Hiding Place" you will see two heart attitudes in the concentration camp. Corrie Ten Boom at first had a fearful, angry, untrusting heart towards the Lord but her sister Betsie had complete peace because she knew that hell is not so deep that God is not deeper still. Corrie's sister had complete peace in a very hellish place, but Corrie had not yet come to that place of rest and trust in the Lord. Eventually, through the living witness and presence of Christ in her sister Betsie, Corrie came to rest in Christ in the midst of her "hell". She found the Living Christ in a Nazi concentration camp and then many others found Christ through her just like many found Christ through Christ in Betsie.

So, whatever is coming on this world, rejoice and be exceeding glad because everything in our lives will redound unto glory and honor at the coming of the Lord. This is not a time to be fearful but joyful.

Please read this superb article by Norman Grubb very carefully.


from Touching the Invisible by Norman Grubb, Christian Literature Crusade, 1940

"Another of the great principles of victorious Christian service which God has been teaching us in our Headquarter meetings is the true method of facing, handling and using for good all forms of adversity, all experiences of what we call evil—shocks, suffering, difficulty, disasters, unjust treatments.

The first key, put in a sentence, has been this: that our ‘evils’ are never the happenings in themselves but the effect we allow them to have on us. No matter whether objectively an experience is apparently good or evil; subjectively, to the one who fears and doubts, all is evil; to the one who trusts, all is good.

The supreme example of this is Calvary. At Gethsemane, at the entrance to the darkest valley ever trodden by man, the Saviour faced the most devilish of outward experiences, but dissolved their evil effects upon Himself by an inward attitude of faith which declared them to be good. He rejected the temptation to regard them as evil, when He said, ‘Not My will’. He declared all that was coming to be inherently good, when He said, ‘Thy will be done’. His predominant thoughts and words during His last hours with His disciples were of fullness of joy, of cheerfulness, of a peace unknown to the world, of glory present and future. When the author of evil was mentioned, He dismissed him with the mere passing reference, ‘The prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in Me’. Note the preposition ‘in’. Satan could make a fierce enough attack upon His outward frame, but faith made it impossible for him to touch the true man within. To all appearances Calvary was totally evil, and the Scriptures themselves say that Calvary was Satan-engineered; but Peter later confirmed his Master’s attitude by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, when he declared that He had been delivered unto death ‘by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God’. So then the believer also can say, ‘All that happens to me, no matter how evil in itself, I declare as good to me, and nothing evil.

But the adventure of adversity goes deeper than this. When seen in its true perspective, it is found to be the doorway into God’s most transcendent secret—that adversities and sufferings, which in their origin are the effects of sin and instruments of the devil, in the grasp of faith become redemptive. They are transfigured from the realm of merely something to be endured as an opposition of Satan, to something to be used to conquer their author and redeem his victims. Faith in time of adversity makes the serpent swallow itself! Once again the supreme proof of this is that when Satan made his fiercest attack in history on the person of Christ, God used that attack, through the faith and endurance of the Sufferer, to bring about the world’s salvation. God uses evil to bring about good—not causing it, but using it.

The consequence of a clear grasp of this fact, that Satan and all evil circumstances in our lives are God’s most useful instruments for the fulfillment of His purposes, is obvious. All attacks of Satan are seen to be our blessings. We ‘count them all joy’. We ‘rejoice in tribulation’. We use them as special opportunities to see the manifestation of God’s power, instead of merely enduring them with a struggle as ‘judgments’ or ‘tests’. This truth, indeed transmutes into strength one of the weakest joints in the armour of God’s people, a tendency to look upon trials and adversities merely as means by which God satisfies Himself as to our fidelity; instead of realizing that sufferings are the fulfillment of an inevitable law in the working out of God’s purposes, and that the most highly honoured and trusted of His servants are those who are counted worthy to ‘fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ for His body’s sake.

The truth is that by no other way than by Christ’s sufferings could a fallen world return to God. In the first Adam and his seed there was a dying to God and a rising to sin. In the last Adam and His seed there must be a dying to sin and a rising to God. Christ the Captain of our salvation was made perfect as a Saviour through sufferings. Faith transformed the contradiction of sinners into the means of their salvation. We follow in His steps, not to gain our salvation which is His free gift, but by transmuting our trials into victories of faith we cooperate with the Great Victor in bringing His victory to a defeated and enslaved world.

Thus to Christ’s followers, who glimpse the glorious purpose and triumph in and through evils and sufferings, the acceptance and endurance of them becomes an adventure of faith. Thus and thus alone does the Christian warrior laugh the laugh of faith. If God’s gifts are our blessings, and the devil’s assaults area also our blessings, what remains to harm or depress us? If good is good, and evil is equally good to the enlightened, then a realm of life is entered where we rejoice always, in everything give thanks, and in all things are more than conquerors."

Hell is not so deep that God is not deeper, still.

Be encouraged in the Lord, brother.

To Jesus be all glory and honor and power, forever and ever.


P.S. There are some wonderful Norman Grubb audios on SI.

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 A God-hating status quo.

I bet in Orange county it is just fine to have an open homosexual pool party with up to 150 people...with God knows how much unthinkable perversion going on.

Did you ever think how Sodom got to a city-wide consciousness to where rape, of the foulest kind, and murder became completely tolerable, and even endorsed?

This has to be a wake up call, for us who are asleep, as to how close Wrath is at America's door. The 10 virgins were ALL asleep, yet when they awoke, only FIVE had oil.....The Holy Spirit Presence because THEY WALKED WITH HIM.

In 1973, I preached the Gospel full time, in a 40 day Crusade there, with about 100 other young disciples. We preached on the streets, and on the beach. We did a Passion Play in Hollywood, on the Streets...and I was the "Cryer"...shouting...."WHO IS THIS MAN" a bearded brother straggled down the streets carrying a Cross...covered in ketchup and lipstick, made up like he was beaten.

There was a entourage of mourners....taking up the rear, weeping...just like Jesus' walk to Golgotha. The problem was; it was too real, and there were a couple of car accidents as people thought we had beaten this poor boy to death, and were torturing him, as they watched with horror.

Well the police stepped in, with the car wrecks and all....and we didn't have a stuck to preaching in parks and sand. It was fun though.

Calvary Chapel; Chuck Smith, came out of Orange county, as did the Vineyard and John Wimber.....but now...Anti-Christ rules and reigns, and authentic gospel witnesses are evidently outlawed.

To me...this means that wrath is right around the corner. If I lived there, I would move inland. Sad, as we see the decline of America reflected in it's God hating status-quo.

 2012/2/24 22:31

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 Re: A God-hating status quo.

hi pilgrim ,, i was speaking in the contex , of evil men will wax worse and worse ,and the great falling away

satan is manfesting him self through these things along with the rest of the world religon ,and the harlet her self ,and as the bible says he has great wrath noing his time is now short ,,,and he will manfest his power through all the insraments at hand ,but he could have no power lest it be granted to him by a sovern god ,,,,and that is not to say gods power weakens ,,,no ,, i would not imply that ,, and i would not say that there will not be great revivle in these last hours ,, the time of decetion is in full bloom ,but he has nothing in us

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 Re: Sleep time over

Saints time to wake up. Our redemption draws near.


 2012/2/24 23:19

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Hi Gary,

satan is manfesting him self through these things along with the rest of the world religon ,and the harlet her self ,and as the bible says he has great wrath noing his time is now short ,,,and he will manfest his power through all the insraments at hand ,but he could have no power lets it be granted to him by a sovern god ,,,,and that is not to say gods power weakens ,,,no ,, i would not imply that ,, and i would not say that there will not be great revivle in these last hours ,, the time of decetion is in full bloom ,but he has nothing in us

That is a great statement of faith. I totally agree with you. Satan is an instrument in God's hand for our good.

What he thinks will be evil for us, is all meant for our good.

Gen 50:19 And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God?
Gen 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

I believe the Light of Jesus in His children will shine brighter as the world gets darker and darker.

The Lord bless you richly,

 2012/2/24 23:22Profile

Joined: 2011/10/23
Posts: 1866


amen ,,,,,and may he bless you greatly

we surly have nothing to fear noing god is in sovern control and this is in his master plane ,,,we can rejoce in tribulation resting in the faith he has delt us in a mesure accoring to his good pleasure ,, oh blessed we are brother , blessed beoned human conprehention ,,oh how undeserving iam ,

surly god will light up his grace within his children
and the gopsle will be preached in all the nations even as the world falls into perdition

oh how blessed we are

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