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 The Garden


It began in the garden
With the very first man, Adam.
Passed down through the years,
It holds us prisoner to our fears.

Shame resulted from separation
But God's plan was reunification,
Salvation through a second Adam
Sanctification in another Garden.

For all time we've been told,
By a liar who is bold,
We are ‘worthless and ‘no good'
‘Try harder', yes, ‘you should'!

We beat ourselves up daily
Because we're always failing,
Falling short, never good enough;
Goodness, this ‘Christian life' is tough!

The liar subtly wields his thoughts
As if they are our own: we're caught,
Believing his shame is our own,
We feel so wrong, we moan, we groan.

Our God seeks us high and low,
‘Witherest didst thou go?'
We hang our heads and hide,
In guilt and shame, we abide.

Until the new day dawns,
When we see we have been pawns,
Trusting one who would be ‘like' God,
The one who made the truth a fraud.

Now we see we are forgiven
No longer subject to our reason
Now we trust upon a Savior
Who is able to deliver

Who exposes lies from hell
Sets the captives free from jail
>From the prison of ‘trying harder'
>From the bondage of ‘being better'.

The Savior says, without chide,
‘I am the bridegroom, you are my bride.
You are my branch, I am your vine.
Did you forget you are loved, you are mine?'

You have been changed, in a moment,
In the twinkling of an eye, in the instant you repent.
You have been purchased with a price
Through tremendous sacrifice.

You no longer are your own.
With Christ you're seated on the Throne
As you see who you are
You gain authority near and far.

The deceiver cannot reach you,
Only tempt you, not defeat you.
For you are wise to his lies
Truth has opened once-blind eyes.

Now you see that you are perfect
By the grace of God, not intellect,
Now you know you can do nothing,
But in Christ, you do all things.

The deadly tree of ‘good' and ‘evil'
Has been revealed to God's people.
That through the Cross, the sword of Truth,
We have found the tree of Life

By Faith.

Margo Sanders

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