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 Whitney Houston and the testimony of God

Not sure how many of you have been exposed a great deal to the news of Whitney Houston's death but I have been a bit troubled by something through it. I have seen an interview with her in which she praises God through her trials and asks people to pray for her and not the drugs. Addiction is a major battle.
I heard this morning that her mom had said God spoke to her and told her Whitney would not be here very much longer. She said she didn't say anything to Whitney about this. Let's put these 2 scenerios together. A woman who seems to praise God but struggled with a various drug addiction and a mom who gives this testimony. Can we glory God in Whitney's life? It seems to me that she was more troubled then set free in her life and as a result that trouble helped to end her.

The things of God are foolishness in the eyes of the world and in my eyes this scenerio seems really dumb when it relates to God but am I seeing it with fleshly eyes? Lord help my unbelief with this.

Does anyone have an opinion on this?



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 Re: Whitney Houston and the testimony of God

While the drug story may be the last one, it has not been determined just what took her life. As it goes with celebrities, we may never know for sure.

One thing I observed in many years of working with troubled teens and adults, drugs have a subtle effect that depletes something inside that cares. Drug users- just don't care very much. It seems to take a long time for addicts to return to "normal" ambitions and self control. Many never come back. Spiritual rebirth and whole-hearted submission to the Holy Spirit are not an option as much as a desperate need for those trying to come back from addiction. There are demons, and some have deeply set hooks.

A big problem with celebrities is the insulation they have from people who will tell them the truth in love. There is a well known story that Marilyn Monroe went to talk to Billy Graham one day. She scorned his advice, and a short time later took her own life.

There are way too many celebrities who have made some attempt to seek God, and found that they were hopelessly enslaved by their fame.

Tom Cameron

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But do we celebrate Whitney Houston as one who struggled but walked with God? In her interviews it was obvious she struggled alot but always turned conversation over to God. Many times when I would hear it I would cringe because it seemed to tell me that God isn't so powerful if she is acknowledging him yet struggling with this and in the end it is possible that something with drugs killed her.

Does her life her life reflect on of Jesus? Or even JESUS' Victory? In the natural it doesn't-to me.


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 Re: Whitney Houston and the testimony of God

It's bothered me quite a bit too. She grew up in church and according to someone who worked with her always carried a tattered much-read Bible with her. She was said to "love Jesus" and often referred to God, but because of so many sinful problems in her life what ARE we to think? Was she born again but just never learned how to put her trust in the Lord to deal with her problems or what? You are right that her life as it was is no testimony to the Lord. I even think of things as that she was in movies that show her in bed with men without marriage. Does a Christian allow herself to convey that sort of message even in a fictional film? Christians fall, of course, but if they are Christians don't we expect them to repent and rise again? What SHOULD we think of Whitney Houston?

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 A wasted life.

Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and yes, Whitney Houston, to name but a few who learned to sing black Gospel style in church in their youth....but lived their lives for the devil as adult fame occupied them.

Were any of them ever really born again?...or was their faith a cultural experience, as it is for so many? Did the "Cares of the world, and Riches...CHOKE the seed? Really, it is hard to say, not knowing them in the early years; To quote Forrest Gump, Christian is, as Christian does.

There is video, if interested, showing Houston singing in her youth...she began at 6 or so....professionally. I think she had the greatest female voice of the century...with an almost angelic quality to her song, as Elvis did in his prime in the male arena.

She had an amazing gift, as Elvis did....but as I see it, gave into the devil's snare of superstardom...and all it's trappings.

In the end, she could not fill in the God sized need for His love with all the cocaine in Columbia; nor could Elvis. They both had it all, and more...everything that this World could offer....but couldn't get no satisfaction.

I see her life as a wasted life, a depraved one; narcissistic and wanton....and in the end, a useless one.

I heard a saying once, about the saddest person in Hell; It was the one who knew the way of Jesus, and once lived it, but threw it all away for the World, the Flesh and it's lusts, and honored the Devil .

This seems to me to be her legacy.

 2012/2/21 17:14

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 Re: Whitney Houston and the testimony of God

I am not here to pass judgement on Whitney. She is dead and gone and what happened next belongs to the realm where God dwells - we cannot influence it at all.

Back in the 1960s I heard a Southern Baptist evangelist talk about popular singers who had their beginnings in the church, e.g., Elvis Presley, but who later abandoned their religious moorings. Upon doing so, they eventually died at an early age.

(Another poster mentioned Marilyn Monroe who had spoken to Billy Graham but rejected his message. Elvis did something similar - he spoke with a well-known preacher - he even prayed with him. Elvis died not too long afterwards.)

As one contemplates this principle and checks out the deaths of many singers, we see this happening a lot, not 100% of the time, but awfully close to it.

Something to think about.

One cannot mock God and win.

Sandra Miller

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 Re: A wasted life.

Was this one or that one is born again, I believe is never our concern as much as it is God's. Unless we can affect a persons direct decision, its Gods alone, and btw what makes us think that many of us we make it in?

Let us never judge or even slightly lean toward that way. Whose to say that what they are doing is wrong? It is a job, it doesnt mean they have abandoned God. Many of us get really pharisaichal, brother Greg just made a huge post about this spirit.

Is secular music and entertainment difficult and highly temptuous? yes, but let God speak to them and let us always consider them when we talk to the father.

Stevie Wonder sang, and after gave verbal praise to the father. I also understand that it is hard to imagine that the wicked can get away with being saved or delivered no matter what they did, would I rely on the last minute? NO!
But God is merciful, and it will endure forever.

Unfortunately that lifestyle brings about destruction to many if they cannot handle the pressures that are therein.

It is an industry, just like healthcare or automobile, pick your poison.

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Hi All,
On a recent visit to the US I noticed the problem of second generation Christians whose parents were Christians but they themselves may or not be born again themselves.They have the outward appearance of being from the church with all the terminology etc but not knowing Jesus.I hope that Whitney had a relationship with God,Yours Staff

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 Re: Whitney Houston and the testimony of God

What bothers me the most about this thread is who here spent time on their knees in intercession for Whitney Houston when she was here. Who here pressed their way through the crowd to compel her to come.......Who here is in intercession for any other church kids caught in satans trap of fame and stardom. Or should we wait till they also die of an overdose and then discuss them...........


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Who of us does not need to be searched for that thing in the heart that loves the praise of men more than the praise of God?

Allan Halton

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