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 Patricia King's Accurate Word On Todd Bentley

I know MANY here either have written attacks about Patricia King or have a negative view of her. I also know many here feel exactly the same way about Todd Bentley.

SO- PLEASE before you post anything actually listen to what Patricia had to say after the issues of the Todd Bentley affair, divorce, remarriage, and "return" to ministry.

IF it was merely her addressing the situation with Todd Bentley I would never have posted or shared it. That would just be inviting pile ons with no real reason to beat that dead horse.

THIS IS one of the most accurate heart felt statements concerning the damage done to individual marriages, and the body of Christ overall, that you will ever hear. You can sense the heart break and remorse she feels for those damaged by Todd's , OR ANYONES, actions along this line.

Her thoughts on anyone returning to "ministry" after having been involved in adultery are quite refreshing to hear.

SO- please don't just listen to hear something about "That guy Todd Bentley"... listen to see how it might apply to YOU... or those whom God may use you as a tool to confront if they are in sin... or comfort if they have been sinned against. Listen all the way through and I think you will be SHOCKED at Patricia's ability to articulate this from God's perspective.

It can be found here:

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 Re: Patricia King's Accurate Word On Todd Bentley

I enjoyed that, just one of the problems we Christians still have today is, embracing a fellow Brother or Sister that has fallen. Seems when our Brothers or Sisters fall, we just want to take out the shovel/tongue and bury them, instead of lifting them back up and help dust them off. We all will fall many more times before we leave here, I sure hope and Pray when I fall, God will send a "Real" Christan Brother or Sister to my rescue, with a Jesus attitude and not a shovel.
God Bless
Mr. Bill


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I suspect the more powerful reason why too many are so quick to attack is that they have never taken the time to meditate on and realize the power revealed in Romans 2, which culminates in the "acting out" of the verbal commitment referenced by our Lord in Matthew 7:1-5, leading to our eventual judgment for the very thing we condemn in others.

His words were plain there and it's the understanding of the clear truth revealed that causes us to fear and examine and judge ourselves so that we won't be judged.

The critics don't get to that level of internal honesty.

I wish Patricia and John Paul Jackson would get invited by Rick Joyner to participate in Todd's restoration. I think their character and maturity is needed. I like, appreciate and respect Rick, but we all have weaknesses and I think the pressure and weight on Todd needs more godly influence and maturity and Patricia has known him longer and better than probably anyone else and I think John Paul's knowledge, wisdom and authority would be a great benefit here.

On a side note, I see you're in Houston also.

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