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Thank you for the information on Dr. Cho. I have taken the time to read it this morning. I have also taken quite a bit of time to read about him years ago. The links you have provided do not back up their arguments with him. They point fingers and I am not an expert to discuss what has gone with Dr. Cho in the last several years. I have not read the book, "The Fourth Dimension" either. Nor, do I have the time. I barely have enough time to finish the final editing on the book I am writing.

All I Do Know is.........when a Man and/or a Woman of God's takes the time to really Pray daily, walk with God down his path for them, follow his commands and spend time with God in unselfish prayer....that person's calling will be blessed.

I was raised under a Preacher who did not finish high school....never went to seminary....and we never knew what he was going to preach on....he stayed in his study and prayed until time to give the sermon....and we never knew when Church was going to end either. Once he told us that he had no sermon and felt God lead him to dismiss the service and for all of us to spend more time with our families. The church was packed when this minister was in the church.

We then got a "Real" preacher....and he did not pray much and we knew days ahead what the sermon was on...and church got out at noon....and the people left....and the church almost died. You can always tell if a person really prays a lot with God....he does not call his name out every other sentence....he talks to him like in a conversation between the two of them. Those that do not pray a lot show it during "Ego" prayer...they say "Father","God","Lord" so many times that if you really listen to them you would wonder if God knew what his real name was. None of us would listen to an idiot that called out our name every other sentence during a conversation. It would Not be necessary. But God does not give up on them and our prayers should hold them up and pray what we see needed too.

Prayer is God's gift to us. He created us to spend time with him! And it's the only place on this earth I feel like I God's presence. In all my years I have always wondered what is wrong with me....never felt at home in all the countries, states, cities that I traveled and/or lived in. Not until God called me to 4 A.M. Prayer time did I feel like I belonged somewhere in this earth.

Where this life is going to lead...I do not know...those that I will receive blessings from and those that will sharpen me by grinding me....will be nice to see.

Got to get out the door...time for church!!!

 2005/2/6 9:02

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Hebrides

Mikey, you're talking about the two elderly half blind saints in the Hebrides Islands?

Yes sir-re!

Here's the message:
[url=]Revival On The Isle Of Lewis[/url] Duncan Campbell

You know what might be a nice place to hike into to seek the Face and the Will of the Lord?

the Ventana wilderness...right opposite of Big Sur.

I'm game! Oh man I would just love to go backpacking again. Once packed into the Desolation Wilderness, which is an interesting name for it is anything but 'desolate'. It's up behind Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay to be exact. At 10,000 feet there is still odd, large patches of snow in July! It is something that I have never ever forgotten, even as a semi-pagan in conduct then, was giving glory to God, just breathtaking beauty... Think it's a couple of miles in and straight up from about 5,000-6,000 feet to the top.

And certainly Big Sur would be more of the same I am sure. Being that there are generally no people when you get out there we could fulfill the latter part of Mar 16:15 "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to [i]every creature[/i]."
(Fodder for another thread, always wondered about that 'creature'...)

Isn't it strange how, well at least I do, often think of 'wilderness' as 'barren'? But if anything the quiet, the silence...It is the sweetest sound! Indeed a place to get nurtured in spirit and pray, but also a place to worship!
Isnt Jesus wonderful?

Been in His 'Book' this morning, namely the one with His title on it...

[i][b]Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive power and riches and wisdom,
And strength and honor and glory and blessing![/b][/i]

Mike Balog

 2005/2/6 9:15Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
Posts: 9192
Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Home...home...home!

Hey PJ,

Blessings to you brother. As to Mr. Cho, I too am with you in not having the time to delve into it all. There is enough to raise some red flags and that is all that was intended to be pointed out. Certainly you have enough discernment in this area. Enough said.

But this jumped up and grabbed me with a hearty "Yes I agree!";

Those that do not pray a lot show it during "Ego" prayer...they say "Father","God","Lord" so many times that if you really listen to them you would wonder if God knew what his real name was. None of us would listen to an idiot that called out our name every other sentence during a conversation. It would Not be necessary. But God does not give up on them and our prayers should hold them up and pray what we see needed too.

It can become rather distracting and times where the sense of a 'professional' sounding prayer, well articulated, punctuated with that repetitiveness over and over...makes one wonder who this is being done for. Probably one of the most sincere times of prayer I ever experienced was with a dear elderly lady at my church. They had opened up the front at the end of the service for those who just wanted to pray or be prayed for and she knelt down and just started to weep and groan, I put my arm around here and wept with her. I don't have the foggiest idea what it was she was in travail about and yet I did..she reached back and put here arm around me and we stayed there for I don't know how long. Afterward she just looked at me and said 'Thank you', I just nodded and said the same, nothing else needed to be said.

But I wonder also if on the other hand it is just nervousness, praying before people when you are not used to it. But you can generally tell the difference between the heartfelt and the fanciful.
I was raised under a Preacher who did not finish high school....never went to seminary....and we never knew what he was going to preach on....he stayed in his study and prayed until time to give the sermon....and we never knew when Church was going to end either. Once he told us that he had no sermon and felt God lead him to dismiss the service and for all of us to spend more time with our families. The church was packed when this minister was in the church.

Reminded of McChenye there.
That we had more Preachers that listened to the Lords leading like that...

Great stuff PJ, really liked the 'Boot camp' earlier. Scripture for you my comrade in prayer:
Rev. 5:8

Mike Balog

 2005/2/6 9:46Profile


I printed up that "Resting is the Required obedience", read it, and asked God to bury it in my heart. Thanks for the heads up, and God bless you dear brother.


 2005/2/8 14:00

 Re: Amazed?! Yes!

A few days ago in my 4 A.M. prayer time, I felt led to change my prayers concerning Jerusalem and Israel. So I changed my prayers and continued on. A few hours later I was listening for the weather on the TV with my roommate and heard the news concerning happened exactly as I had felt led to pray. What a way to start the day!

Then this morning I set my alarm to get up at 2 A.M. to feed the baby parrots and figured I would pray afterwards then return to sleep. The Lord awoke me shortly after 1 A.M. and I prayed until the it was time to feed the babies. Then I went back into prayer until 4:40 A.M. The point; when I am with God...I lose track of time. On days where I am scheduled to be somewhere at a certain time, I actually will have to set an alarm clock to let me know when to wrap up the prayer time! Hours seem like minutes when communing with God.

But let's face facts....there is really no time like being before God's face in prayer on your knees (and sometimes in other positions due to getting older!). Jesus told his disciples to Pray least they fall into temptation....and he had just come from taking time out to go to his place to pray before God. Prayer changes things and the lack of prayer changes things too! Those that lack in prayer will find the Devil getting a foot hold and opening the door wider to put more of the world in our lives. The more one gets alone with God in prayer and really prays...the more the Devil flees from you and the less of the world will be in our lives. I like to add in even more prayers while going through my daily life/chores....sometimes just to say "I love you" or "thank you"....other times it's to ask forgiveness for my sharp tongue or not stopping to help someone out. Other times, I stop to say a prayer for someone in need the moment I find out....I shut my eyes if I can and bring the need up immediately in silent prayer...least I am guilty of forgetting later.

In July, I have my 2 weeks of vacation scheduled right after the 4th of July!!! That gives me 2 extra days on my vacation....16 days total!!! And do you know where I am going to spend my vacation?!!!??? God willing and I life....I am going to spend that entire time shut up alone with God in prayer....praying for everyone on my list, praying/fasting for lost souls, and for a Revival world wide. How can I take a vacation and go spend up a storm of money when my loved ones are running to spend eternity with my Uncle Al in Hell? How can I spend money on myself like I used to do all the time when Wycliffe Bible Translators need money to print the scriptures for the first time for a group of people? How can I not be before God pleading and praying for the souls of lost loved ones...especially those that No One prays for? NO. I felt led to cancel my plans to go to Israel for my vacation and spend it with God in prayer.

You have to do what you feel led to do. You cannot do any less. But my calling is not your calling....each one of us needs to listen to Holy Spirit and his teaching for us.

Do you know who the Holy Spirit is? I'll tell you what he told me many years ago when he called me in my dream and we talked....he is the sensitive side of God!!! Want proof? Get out your Bible and read .... it's in the Old Testament time and time again....not to mention the New Testament. The Sensitive Side of God! And if you need an earthly a marriage....the wife is the sensitive one usually. And if you think I'm kidding...see what happens when you forget her birthday or know the common house?.....

Well folks ..... for a deeper time in prayer for you busy folks.....get a portable alarm clock and set it to get up and pray....and set it for when you must quit praying in case hours seem like minutes and you need to get to work!

Lastly.....can you add one more person to your prayers? How about the least desirable person you know....maybe the homeless bum on the street, or the drug addict...or maybe your neighbor. I'm a neighbor to some and I was homeless twice, years ago living on the street....your prayers might raise up another John Wesley or Mother Teresa! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD.

 2005/2/10 8:55

 Re: The Fun Begins!!!

A couple of days ago, I received a phone call at work. My roommate moves out into his own place up the street on Tuesday of this week. And my sister called and needs to move in. She will be coming to stay tonight and moving her stuff in Wednesday. Now if anyone knew my sister, she is a challenge, she loves drama and causing as much trouble as she can. She loves to lie and see how much fighting she can cause. Though I promised my mother on her death bed that I would always look out for my sister and her kids and would take them in if they ever needed me. My sister was mentally challenged growing up and the results of the drugs they used on her to bring her to normal left her extremely angry.

This shall be a challenge. Though knowing her...she will only stay maybe 2-3 months at the most until she gets her own place down here. So it seems to me that God wants her to personally see the change he has caused in me. Plus, she will see the 4 A.M. prayers. And I shall see what Mother Teresa said once on a TV interview that I saw when I was not saved....with Jesus inside there is peace...let nothing rob you of His peace within you.

I have warned everyone that knows me that if at anytime they see me with my eyes closed and/or my hands raised up to let me alone....for I am ensuring not to lose my peace and keep the Devil from getting a strong hold through anger. It might take 5 might take a trip to the bathroom for a 10 minute break alone with God. Praying and seeking....taking to God alone any problems...discussing with him Alone problems with others and claiming his promise to love the unlovable through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5) like Corrie ten Boom used to claim preaching!!!

You cannot truly pray for a soul's salvation if you do not love that person no matter how much they grind you to the wheel. Are you willing to die to see your loved ones saved? Are you willing to pray through it all to see the lost saved?

This is my God who is dealing out the hand that I am to be prepared with...shall I complain? or shall I take the hand and thank the Lord? If we do not learn the lesson the first will keep coming back to us in other ways until we do. No one can grind me as bad as my sister can...but no one can love my sister like I can through the Holy Spirit! And we all know who wins! Look out Devil cause you are about to lose another one from walking into Hell!!!

And a personal note please....for those of you who love to bend God's ear....please pray for me for strength and love....and for my sister that God will pour his Holy Spirit on my sister's heart and salvation will be acccomplished. What a witness to many when my sister claims the glory of God's love in her heart!
In Advance...I thank you for praying for me on this.

 2005/2/13 7:43

 February 20, 2005

What an interesting time the last couple of days has been! The moving is all done. My old roommate is moved into his new place and settling in. Though he has freely admitted that he thinks he moved in haste and did not do so wisely. I reassured him that all will work out. My sister has moved in and I am learning to naturally keep my mouth on guard so as not to give her ammunition to cause any problems with her mouth for me with others. You know what whispers can do for sport.

The first four books of J. Edwin Orr's has arrived and I have finished the first book. What a blessing it is to see someone provided for like Corrie ten Boom's travels through life were!!! God is constant!

It's amazing how many people think that I should not get up at 4 A.M. to meet with God first before starting the day. And it's even more amazing the time with God during this time! Not only have I seen great and small answers to prayer, but I have also learned to pray even better due to the Holy Spirit speaking with me concerning those that I need to raise up! God has even done wonders during this time together that would make some people's hair turn white.

I find my time with God at 4 A.M. to be like nestling up under God's arm and getting a moment to bend his ear while he comforts me. He brings to mind the way I pray and how it should be. Who needs prayer and how to pray. Then to make sure that I'm taught well about prayer, he brings about answers that shock me for the speed sometimes. Nothing like being in the school of God's during this time. I have Never during the day ever experienced such a closeness with God as I do during my daily appointment with Him at 4 A.M.

There is so much more that could be shared on this subject, yet to share it, I feel would bring envy instead of fire in other's hearts. And that would not be right nor desired. Try to stop wishing and adjust you life now with no excuses and meet God up for your daily scheduled appointment and watch what happens!! Susanne Wesley met up with God at 1 P.M. till 2 P.M. and she had 11 kids to take care of at home in the 1700's. Others have met up with God at midnight!

God delights in the prayers of the upright in heart.

 2005/2/20 5:45

Joined: 2005/1/14
Posts: 2164

 Re: February 20, 2005

Just wondering but what time do you go to bed? I remember Ravenhill telling about that man that didnt even sleep for like 20 yrs. He shut him self up with God about 10pm and didnt come out untill morning. Could you imagine?

Josh Parsley

 2005/2/20 14:49Profile

 Re: Time to prepare

I try to get to bed no later than 9 P.M. For I need my 7 hours of sleep for work. It's a requirement and God says we need to do our best at the work he gives us. But I also pray when I lay down for God to grant me the Sweet Rest he promises in the Bible (and of course I fullfill the requirements!). And no matter what time I get up...whether it is 1:30 A.M., 2:30 A.M., 3:15 A.M. or 4 A.M. ....God always has his ear bent to russel and snuggle me close while I pray and also when we talk together. But I must always remember that when I get through praying...not to be rude and just get up like what he has to say to me is not important....I had my turn to talk to I take time to allow him time to talk to me if he desires....and if it turns into a discussion....he always ends it with enough time for me to get ready for work peacefully.

Sometimes I could swear it has been hours....and I might be surprised that it's only been 30 minutes....other times I think it has only been a few minutes and it turns out to be hours. What a glory it is to make God Number ONE and to keep my appointment with him! It takes a lot to rearrange your entire life and to seem like a fool when you tell people you have an appointment at 4 A.M. and must retire early. They say, "Four o'clock in the Morning!?? With whom?" And it opens the door to witness to's with God.

Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you!!!!!


If only people would meet God in the morning every morning and would make Him #1....then they would see the glories of the Heavens open up to them!

Well, Good Night my Brother. I have an appointment at 4 A.M. to keep.

 2005/2/20 20:20

 Re: There is a peace in my heart !!

Just to share with those that read this and need encouragement to pray with God regularly.

This morning as I finished praying, the Holy Spirit spoke with me and told me, "I love you greatly." And then we communed for just a short time. When our time together was done and he told me to get about the business of finishing the book he has me writing, I got up and had such a peace in my heart.

During the day I am instructed to take moments throughout the day and close my eyes and commune with God. What a wonder time it is to spend with God!!! He loves me no matter what and does not push in my face when I screw up (of course I have taken care of the matter as soon as I know of it).

You know, I used to watch TV and sit like a Zombie in front of it. You know I was relaxing as people call it. Turning everything off and doing nothing. Rarely did I laugh though the laugh machine could be heard all the time on the TV. Rarely did I cry or get emotional. And the time would slip by and it would be time to go to bed. And then I would repeat it everyday with rare exception.

Now, I do not have time for TV. I'm in bed by 9 P.M. and by the sounds of it, I have not missed anything. Oh they talk about it at work in the morning. Sometimes I look at their faces while they talk about it...nothing changed. What an unhappy lot of people. I don't miss TV.

My walk with God is like Spring. A lot of growth, some rain, some sunshine and some Lighting to give the growth needed. I feel like I'm laying in the grass by a steady stream this morning. Looking forward to God showing me Hell. Looking forward to going up into Heaven and talking with Enoch. The Mysteries of Christ revealed. How many people will the Lord bring home to heaven by using me to bring in the Harvest? It is not I but the Lord and I cannot take any pride in it.

I know of some that are in Heaven that God used me to bring Home. There are some in countries that make it down hard to be a Christian that I was surprised to see the Lord use me to plant a seed, water it and then harvest them to completion. And they were the most devout Muslims. Now they are the most devout Christian. It's amazing to see Love at work. It's even more amazing to see God at work.

Why would God choose a sinner like me? There a few sins I have not committed. Most of what my mind could conceive...I did....and great were my sins. And thank God that there were Mothers out there that kept praying for me during and after my Mother went to Heaven. He who is forgiven much, loves much!

Today, I get to witness to some who knew me before Christ came into my heart. They have not seen me since the change!! And God has assured me they will see the change during the meeting and there will be time to witness!!! Praise God!

He loves you so much!

 2005/2/22 5:47

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