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 What message spoke to your heart today?

This was one of the most awesome messages. From Carter Conlon today. It was to have no stones in our hands. No stones to throw at anyone including myself but to love as Jesus loves & forgives. We must forgive & love others. To hold our hands palm up and ask God to take any stones from us. Then we can move mountains and truly represent the Lord with love, joy & peace. He also said, the pharisees will be after him for this message of grace & mercy.

For me this was a life changing message with a vision of stones in my hands and turning my palms up and allowing the Lord to take them from me and and to love & see with His heart. Praise His Holy Name. Only He can do this in me, in us.

All glory to God. A most powerful message to set the body of Christ free. I will post the message later. You cant go away the same after listening to this.

The thought of this thread came from FB. Not sure how it will go but it could be a very uplifting thread.

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 Re: What message spoke to your heart today?

Sister the link you spoke of did not post. Can you repost? Blaine

 2012/2/19 13:47

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 Re: What message spoke to your heart today?

Good thread...

Our passions can destroy us, and it's bound to do so if we don't "keep it under," if we don't walk in the Spirit, if we're not praying without ceasing. We find out how (not) strong we are only in trials; when the heat of the moment brings out what's in the heart.

"Pray that ye enter not into temptation," Christ said. The disciples were sleeping instead of praying, and so when the temptation came, they succumbed. Because of prayerlessness, fear (and what else) overcame Peter, and he did what he had never dreamed he would do. Yet Christ came out triumphant because he was prayed up.

So goes the story of every Christian; the only way we'll ever stand is on our knees.

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hi, His strength is made perfect in my weakness...if i rely on Jesus i will succeed and if i rely on my ability to avoid sin i will fail for He has already conquered sin for me.He loves me and has cut a covenant for me with His blood and He drew me to be into Him and i am protected by Him. He is forever making intercession for Him i cannot is all about Jesus and His grace and mercy towards me.His mercies are new every morning. He has made His father my abba.He has placed His spirit within me so how can i fail.jimp

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Something thst is speaking to me as of last night during a fellowship is timeless truth. What is it and what are some examples of it. Truth, something that is applicable for all peoples all of the time no matter what time period. It seems 'truth' changes so much that it is hard to recognize what is considered timeless anymore or if there is any such thing as timeless truth.


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 Re: What message spoke to your heart today?

Last night our message was on John 2:23-25,3:1-15

It was great. God spoke. I realized how much under the law I am and how unable I am to give grace to others when I don't receive grace myself.

I realized, walking home, that the law has been teaching me right from wrong but also showing me I can't fulfill it perfectly myself. And that when I am under grace again, to not do wrong anymore. Yet if I do slip up to believe in His grace, that I have access to the throne of grace and mercy.

It was a good night for me.

 2012/2/19 17:07

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You said,' Something that is speaking to me as of last night is ,timeless
Truth..What is it and what is some of the examples of it ? Truth,something that is applicable for all people's all of the time no matter what time period.
It seems that ' truth' changes so much that it is hard to recognize what
is considered timeless anymore or what is considered timeless truth.'

We know that God is Truth !
We know that HE is TIMELESS,....ALWAYS and EVERLASTING,...

And He is who we put our hope and trust in .
His WORD is to confirm,reject or to just put on a shelf until we can know the difference. The WORD is the plumb line, that is the measure, the dividing line of all things / words.

ALL, of His righteous judgements,...How He see's right,...How He judges
Wrongs,...(That IS Truth ) !

Art Katz,said 'Truth IS EVERYTHING as God Himself see's it '

* is that what you were asking ?


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The law was given through Moses. Grace and truth cane through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the truth. This is why I opened a thread in Gems from John. To speak and share of him who is truth.


 2012/2/19 18:05

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Here is the message I heard yesterday from TSC. Pastor Conlon. A most powerful message that is for the Bride of Christ. When you hear it you will know what I mean.

Jesus Take The Stones From My Hands


His latest sermon and it's free!

May all be blessed & set free. All glory to God!

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