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hi madmatg
that's an interesting site although the dates are fairly widely spread, and the sources are widely spread too.

One interesting name on this list is J.A.T. Robinson, Ph.D. Robinson caused a furore in the 1970 is Britain with the God is Dead debate. He refused to acknowledge God's personhood. He is not evangelical and does not believe in infallibility but he was a very highly regarded New Testament scholar. Most academics like to make the dates as late as possible, but Robinson went against the trend by giving some of the earliest dates being suggested.

One of his 'selling points' was the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70. He felt that this was such a culminating act that the NT writers would have majored on it as final evidence that one covenant was ended and another begun.

Ron Bailey

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hmmm, thanks for the info. I knew that was kinda a wide range of sccholars, it was tjust hte only one i could find.


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