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 A Revival Manifesto

We are about to set out to produce a Revival Manifesto.
I would like to invite you to take part in the process of the development of such an item.
We are at this point working with four major parts and points describing:
The Necessity
The Prospects
Productive measures
The cost, a relevant sacrifice

To specify to some degree:
1. The Necessity:
State of affairs – Flesh and spiritism, the spirituality of our day. Our morality, one abolishing true Truth.
God’s irrevocable reaction:
The King of kings aiming at establishing a testimony by the Spirit of Truth.

2. Prospects: Zion, God’s final intention.

3. Productive measures: Repentance. A return to the Cross, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to Truth and Worship, to a practical spirituality demonstrating reconciliation.

4 The cost: A relevant sacrifice.

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Lars Widerberg

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: A Revival Manifesto

dont believe can add to your outline - the cross and Zion are central. Spirituism/soul power and the means of producing revival - well, many good resources available i.e. Watchman Nee and Charles Finney.

But will pray, earnest prayer, for this endeavour and many task oriented persons appreciate a written format to follow.

May the Lord's Spirit be with you.


 2003/9/16 5:23Profile

Joined: 2003/6/22
Posts: 3318


Thank you, dear Ann, for your kind remark and reminder about sources.
We intend to handle the matter thoroughly but not in an academic manner.
Therefore all remarks and comments become valuable.
We need all prayer, all kinds of prayer to take this project to a safe harbour.
Cuts and proof reading opportunities will follow.

Lars Widerberg

 2003/9/16 5:31Profile

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