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Joined: 2006/7/31
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 Feeling lost on what to do...

I really need prayer. I really need direction from GOD right now in my life. There is something that has been ongoing for a few months now with my health and I just really need to hear from GOD on this matter and not give into fear. I have been praying but would ask that if you feel led please pray that GOD would give me clear direction on what HIS will is for me to do.

God bless

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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

praying sister.


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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

I will pray for you Mary Jane.

God Bless,

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While praying I felt this awful fear you describe that rises. I asked that this would be rejected and flee away.

Also, the dilemma "Should I trust God alone to heal?...or allow medicine and surgeons to heal."

Only you can decide this, but I want to remove this spirit of condemnation from you. God uses doctors...I have had 4 heart procedures...and each and everyone of them, I know God was right in the middle of them.

I had a clear visitation in one of them, from the Lord...when I thought I would die. He comforted me, and I made my peace with Him that it was just fine with me...but He had a longer plan for me. It was wonderful!..and strengthened me greatly in faith.

I probably would not be on Earth if I did not get these procedures done.

This is just a suggestion. Why not head for the medical solution by faith, and if holy healing comes by faith alone before this, you win...and if not, then the medical solution...either way, you win.

This is sort of a fleece I guess...but God will honor your faith.

Lastly; "Let the Peace of God rule in your hearts!" Make your decisions through the PEACE experience...and He will guide your steps. Peace rules and reigns...from the Prince of Peace. It is a real, concrete inward experience.

The opposite of it is being grieved in Spirit. Take no council, nor direction that grieves you, and "Lean not to your own understanding!"

You have been a rock of stability here and a huge blessing to all who have got to know you...a woman of faith. This is a trial of your faith, and I have confidence you will overcome. I mix my faith with yours in prayer...

Please keep us updated......Your brother tom.

 2012/2/13 12:53

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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

Will pray for you.

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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

Praying, Sis.

Praying that your husband will be HIS mouth-piece for all decisions that you, as a family, must come to.

The LORD GOD, Totally Bless you & yours. Amen, and Amen!!

 2012/2/13 15:59

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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

You are loved. We are praying



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Praying for you MaryJane that the Lord will make it clear to you.


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 Re: Feeling lost on what to do...

will Pray


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 Thank you all

Thank you all that were led to pray with me. I think for now I am going to wait on the LORD in this matter.
I am not feeling as fearful over the matter today and I know that is because of the prayers from all of you. Thank you for being a blessing to me :)

God Bless

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