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 n.z christchurch after 10,000 plus quakes

Friends im here to remind everyone that the city of christchurch new zealand has been inundated and repeatedly belted by one quake after another - with reports saying as many as 10,000-plus shakes have occured ...since devastation first struck there in sept 2010 ...which was the pre cursor to the fatal febuary 2011( whopper). This series of shakes which has gone on for 18 months now has been relentless and unyielding, to say the least!!

With many places barely livable and buildings declared unfit and unsafe for re-entry. With Whole suburbs and communities devastated and mere shells of what they once resembled, and suburbs looking like veritable ghost towns.

The re building costs will be ernormous during this restructuring process at a large cost to both insurers and governments alike - It will take some time before christchurch recovers and gets back on its feet.

So yes 18 months later and 10,000 plus quakes later the residents are left to pick up the pieces (in a manner of speaking) having to regroup and get on with there lives. And get on with the task ahead of rebuilding.

So Spare a thought for our trans- tasman friends and consider there plight and what locals have endured for the last 1.5 years - and what lies ahead. Our prayers and donations im sure would be warmly recieved also. God bless

Bro Stephen

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