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 America and Babylon; Twin Sisters and their four sins.

"And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:

Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts."

America was founded in Christian Puritanical beliefs, that spread throughout her government and judicial system, and the fibers of every realm of society. Volumes could, and are written on her demise, but it is suffice to say that America, hand in hand with the freedom to do ANYTHING she likes, or is pleasurable, (has believed) it is our RIGHT: guaranteed by our constitution.

This can be paralleled with ancient Israel as they often drifted the same way…and through out time, the Lord has so dealt with Nations by sending judgment.


The CHURCH is the salt of the Earth, and the American Church has, overall, lost her saltiness, her savor. We have been exposed, uncovered as one loving prosperity, and living and loving such riches as the prior Kings of the Earth knew not. We have willfully believed that happiness, health and prosperity have become our rights! God has ordained that we are the head, and not the tail.

There is no longer a Word about Sin, for there really is no sin, just principles! God is all inclusive, and God is Love. If there is no sin, then there is no repentance, and we are Earth bound.

Of course, we will fly away to more luxury and peace later, but that is in the by and by. The Blood of Jesus is no longer the pillar of our faith..but instead our pillar is the living of a purpose filled life, and that with your best life NOW! Happiness and Prosperity, along with good health to make you live longer and enjoy it, of course.

The end of the matter and conclusion concerning this sordid and unbiblical church is simple. THE CHURCH NO LONGER NEEDS GOD, or HER GLORIOUS MASTER, THE LORD JESUS! He exists only to serve her, like a butler, and to protect her rights, and of course, she shall never suffer.

When this vision is matured, the Church will realize that she does need God. The church will need Him more than she ever believed she would.

Judgment:Immorality. America and pornographic Hollywood, making billions yearly, importing our filth to nations that still blush, not being Christian. We have elevated sodomy to the halls of congress, and marry homosexuals. We teach our children, by law, the rightness of inclusiveness: that this is natural and must be accepted. We sell sex , millions of times a day on our airwaves, and are awash in sexual enhancement products, and endorse public displays of horrific and blasphemous “art forms”.

It is indeed a river of filth, and shows no signs of abating. Watch one minute of VH1 or MTV. This is our legacy.

Judgment: Murder. Over 50 million innocent children taken (alive) from their mothers wombs; that’s one out of six today in America. Don’t worry, God has covered His eyes, and didn’t see. Violence and death, and the “mass murderer”. This was generally unknown in America, with very few exceptions. It is a spirit.

My own brother was murdered, assassinated. The murderer was never brought to man’s justice. The US government does not hesitate to do so either, if it serves our political interest.

Remember KHADAFI?, and his tent in the sand…and his daughters that were blown to bits by an American cruise missile?

Judgment: Theft. I have written in my Bible, “THE BANKING SPIRIT.” Every element of business has morphed into a predator mentality, from the car dealer, to the investment Banker and your local bank, to the mechanic and Neighbor, Fairness, and doing the right thing has been replaced by deception and greed, to profit. It is a jungle out there, and everyone wants to rip you off. Have you ever felt that way? That’s because theft is rampant…

Judgment: Sorcery. Witchcraft and her covens are growing exponentially. Harry Potter, and some 30 TV shows and more cartoons about the occult are feeding our children a steady diet of satanism, not counting the hundreds of dark video games they devour. Well, as long as they are quiet!

The other side of sorcery is DRUGS: We have joyfully embraced drugs for any and all discomfort or pressure or unhappiness. Psychotropic drugs that “calm the nerves”, are casually dubbed “MEDICATION”; PSYCHOLOGICALLY EQUATING IT WITH REAL CURES, like penicillin, or the Polio cure. It is not. they are drugs…dopa!

The medical practice of the Physician has been reduced to a pill pusher…a pill for everything!It is the chief advertising dollar in America. It is estimated that one in six Americans use Marijuana.

Methamphetamine’s are a plague to mid America. Our prisons are bursting, overcrowded two to one , or worse. Thousands are beheaded and murdered today, as we speak, in Mexico over control of the dealing of this evil lust and addiction inside America.

You cannot tell the difference between the Church, and the World….except that possibly the Church doesn’t drink and party as much, and goes to meeting on Sunday.


Taken from my "End of the American Dream" prophecy..[posted 2008]

The finest work ever published on this subject is TWO Rev. Alexander Hislop. [ available on Amazon ] In it, he proves the antiquity of Babylon, and traces her to the source; Nimrod...who became the first Caesar of the World. He also was possessed by Satan, and was shown the pattern of pure Devil worship , which he established and which did spread throughout every Empire of Antiquity. This was long before Egypt.

This worship system held Satan's seat also, and as the Lord Himself governed time and power, He judged several civilizations that fell into this evil system. Eventually, the seat of power fell upon Rome. At the time of Christ, Peter and Paul, there were 1300 pure Satanic temples there, that worshipped demons by name. One was titled the Queen of Heaven; which is the exact same as the Madonna; Mary, that is worshipped today.

The Roman Universal Church took up the torch of Babylon, and carried her in SPIRIT,from the Omnipotent decrees of the Pope, [ Nimrod..who was worshipped..] to the Priesthood, Nuns and males Monks, all the way down to the Worship days of over a hundred demons that the old world bowed to, on the exact day and times. Babylon transferred to the RCC, to the T. The Church of Rome.

This church spread exponentially through-out the Earth once more, and was established as far away as China, Africa, all of Europe and into the New World. Today, the exact same demon rites and celebrations are seen in all of South America; Mardi Gras! Nudity, immorality, and demon costumes awash, as the people throw themselves into drunken orgies. It is a holy day, after all....for 5000 years it has been so.

Europe became possessed by her, and trust me, Amsterdam and London are joined at the hip with San Francisco and New York City. Babylon is a spirit, but the wealth and power base are in the cities. It is the Nature of the

But, "Babylon is fallen!" The anti-Christ will not emerge from Rome, or fallen Babylon. The anti-Christ will destroy her, and burn her. This is the spirit of Islam...and she despises the west [ Babylon] for her immorality, and these four sins, and Islam will prevail over the west....for God has given the world to the anti-Christ for the trial that HE has set test us all.

 2012/2/11 10:50

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