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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Some Quotations On The Biblical View Of Headcovering

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Wow... what a waste of time. I think the horse is dead, folks. Keep beating it if you wish, but this is EXACTLY what scripture was talking about when it exhorts us to avoid fruitless debates.

S T O P ! !


 2012/2/8 16:57

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Greetings Myfirstlove:
you wrote:Thanks Greg for those past head covering articles that you've posted. God used it to help me!


Its wonderful GOD used these articles to help you. He has done the same for me just in a differing way. IT was through reading these articles, searching the Scripture with my husband and much prayer and counsel that I finally have peace that the LORD does not require me to wear the head covering. SO I agree that the discussions are of benefit and since we all love the LORD equally I think talking about it is fine. As Greg mentioned its not about being right its about allowing one another the liberty to walk in what the LORD is showing us.

God bless you sis

 2012/2/8 17:01Profile



Nothing against you personally, but I wanted to comment on something you said, because it's a common objection: "I posted my experience with this topic of head coverings on the other thread. "

I've had bad experience with pastors, so does that mean pastors are to be disregarded? I've had bad experience with Churches, so are Churches bad?

This is the common theme I see on this subject. It seems to come down to peoples experiences and opinions instead of "What saith the scriptures". And frankly, I think that is what is really at stake in a conversation like this. It's really so much more than head coverings. It's about what the scripture says. But since the scriptures don't support the reasons people give for saying this practice is invalid, they don't use God's word to show why they believe what they do. Instead it's just opinions, or feelings, etc. I know for most people who are reading this post, they let the scriptures teach them on different biblical topics. But for some reason, when this topic (and similar ones) comes up, they throw that practice and discipline out the window. That's why, as of yet, no scripture has been given to show this is cultural.

If someone tried to say the rest of the instructions given to the Corinthian church (say the Lord's supper) were cultural, people would would be up in arms and say, but this is what the scriptures say. But on this topic, people don't look at the scriptures, they look to everything else.

 2012/2/8 17:07


"Wow... what a waste of time. I think the horse is dead, folks. Keep beating it if you wish, but this is EXACTLY what scripture was talking about when it exhorts us to avoid fruitless debates.

S T O P ! !


Wow..talking about God's word is a waste of time, but the talking about the Super Bowl isn't. Nice.

 2012/2/8 17:08

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Adding my stop to Krispy's.

S T O P !!!

 2012/2/8 17:13Profile


It would be nice to know where in the Old Testament Paul dug up this subject about Hair, Angels, Headships etc..

It would be difficult to search the scriptures on this matter if it's not in there.

If we were in Paul's day he would have expected us to see what he was talking about in the scriptures being a student of the law himself.

By the way, just that no one misunderstands what I am saying. I am not trying to excuse the subject. I personally wish to draw our attention away from hats though, as I don't see that that is what Paul was advocating. So I will see what the OT has to show on the subject as Paul had to have drawn it from some source, he would not have spoken of something that wasn't already written.

 2012/2/8 17:15

Joined: 2006/7/31
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Greetings :)

Please don't misunderstand my post. I said my husband and I searched the Bible and prayed along time concerning this matter. This was not a decision on my part based off of feelings, it was based purely and simply off of the leading of the LORD and my willingness to submit myself to my husband on the matter. I am sure you and your wife did the same and I think that is great. When I mentioned my experience I was speaking about my issue with the way some have treated me concerning my not wearing the head covering as if some how I am less of a christian. That kind of stings a little coming from other believers but its all good cause I know that I am walking with the LORD and following HIS leading on this.

I do think talking about it is fine and have no issue at all just wonder why this seems to be the only thing you want to discuss?? what about JESUS? Our daily walk with HIM touches every aspect of our life not just this one topic right??

For me, I have been learning a lot about what it means to walk by faith, to trust HIM completely and to live seeking to please HIM. I am learning that its not by my own works though(something I personally struggled with) but that its all about HIM.

Of course you are free to post your articles as the LORD leads you. I know with out a doubt that GOD will use these thing to touch whom HE chooses how HE chooses...

God bless you

 2012/2/8 17:20Profile


"Adding my stop to Krispy's.

S T O P !!!"

You know that you don't have to read the thread, right?

But brother, maybe I'll stop bringing up the scriptures so this thread can die like the two witnesses in Revelations and then everyone can send gifts to each other and rejoice.

That's certainly what it feels like. I haven't seen this much resistance to discussing passages "in scripture" in a long time.

 2012/2/8 17:21

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America's Heartand


@ sscott7

Hey Scott,

I understand and appreciate your passion. However, for a moment let's try to defuse the emotion from the topic.

Here is the thought on the "cultural" idea. What if in my neighborhood women wear head coverings as a sign to show they are in rebellion to their husbands and have now embraced extreme feminism, and often bisexuality, now having homosexual partners along with their husbands.

In this example the "sign of submission" is no longer a sign of submission to her husband at all. It is a sign of total rebellion. The issue is SUBMISSION not the emblem used.

Paul only used the head covering emblem in the Corinth letter, no others.

I think if you will do some deeper cultural research from that century you will find that the head covering was not a universally recognized sign of submission even in Paul's day for many of the cultures of the time. Paul's point is that the wives would be submissive to their husbands and that the husbands would love their wives and give themselves up for them even as Christ did the Church.

What if a lady wears the head covering but is in rebellion to her husband on every front in the home, family, and community? Does she meet God's command of submission? Of course not... even though she is wearing a head covering.

What if a lady learns in meekness, submits to and honors her husband as Christ commanded even though she is not wearing a head covering. Is she condemned? Of course not. She is doing right in God's eyes by her heart, actions, and attitudes. However, the first lady is meeting an outward symbol for that Corinthian culture but in total sin as she is in rebellion in her heart and actions.. regardless of what she wears on her head.

I hope this helps to more clearly explain what many here are trying to express. Again, I commend you for your commitment to the Word. However, if you do some good historical research you will find there is more depth of understanding here that is currently had.

Paul wrote to a specific people in a specific place at a specific time in a specific culture in the Corinthian letter. It wasn't written to 2012 America. We can not read it as such. We must extract the core meaning that the Holy Spirit intended them to understand and then apply that to our lives in the world we live in today.

Blessings Brother.

 2012/2/8 17:26Profile


Hi Mary,

"I do think talking about it is fine and have no issue at all just wonder why this seems to be the only thing you want to discuss?? what about JESUS? Our daily walk with HIM touches every aspect of our life not just this one topic right?? "

I've been on the forum in the past and been in hundreds of discussions covering a wide variety of topics. It's not the only thing I want to discuss, it's just what I'm discussing now. And in fact, I didn't even start this thread, Greg did. So if people don't like this thread and the topic, they should really direct their replies to Greg.

I'm asking this in all sincerity Mary, since you and your husband searched the scriptures on this topic, would you share with me the biblical reasons, from the passages in question, that shows this is a cultural practice? I've continually asked for someone to show me this but no one has done so. As far as I can see, Paul basis his position on Christ submission to God, on the Angels, on Mans glory, on the common sense teaching of nature, and on the practices of the churches. Am I missing something?

May the Lord Bless you...

IN Christ,


 2012/2/8 17:27

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