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 Re: Warning!!!! " Awakening Jesus Culture" Concert Sermons.

You're spot on, brother. What you witnessed at the Jesus Culture concert is deceiving thousands of youth. As of this writing, Jesus Culture, and their attending teachers --Bill Johnson, Banning Liebscher, and T.D. Jakes of the Prosperity Gospel--will appear at stadium-sized venues in Ohio, Brazil, New York, and LA this summer. The question is: would you have them disciple your eighteen year-old? Is it possible that what they proscribe to the Holy Spirit are actually demonic manifestations. First, we examine the fruit of the teachers: we find two specific facts, that allow us to declare them false: 1) another gospel; 2) another christ. These men, says Paul, are accursed Johnson denies Christ's divinity, declares us perfectible, and sells the gifts of the Holy Spirit, while saying stating that Christ's work was not redemption, but bringing Heaven to Earth, so that He could birth a "New Breed" of humans, ala William Branham's Latter Rain heresy. Jakes, under investigation by the US Senate for possible fraud, and a ten-most wanted warning by Ministry Watch for lack of financial transparency and accountability, claims that we are freed not only of all health problems by Christ's blood, but are promised prosperity, because after all, Jesus was rich too. We know this, he says, because the Roman Guards cast lots for His garments, so it must have been expensive. (I am not making this up). Andrew Strom, a former follower of the Prophetic Movement of which Bethel Church/Jesus Culture are the West Coast's leaders, has an excellent teaching video series available on YouTube on the connection between the false revivals of Toronto, Lakeland, Kansas City and demonic spirits amazingly similar in manifestation to eastern kundalini. This would not be surprising, considering the warnings of 1 Tim 4:1. John MacArthur recently declared this movement "not Christian" and "a work of Satan." For more info on Jesus Culture, see

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hi, i am an old man who wishes that people who have formed an opinion on a topic that they never witnessed for them selves and on men they know liittle about would stop using slander and gossip. len ravenhill, who was a friend of mine ministered with branham. all men float in and out of error and none of us are perfect.i have been on this site for years and there has been a growing problem with a critical attitude amongst us. let us pray for these people and ask God to intervene in their lives.i have listened to t.d. jakes a lot and have never heard him preach heresy and even though he is oneness, i have never heard him expound on this either. Jesus said that they will know that we are christians by our love for one another.i know nothing of this movement so i will look into it and give it some time to either produce fruit or not. the critical attitude i know a lot about for it was the same attitude that had the jews crying "crucify Him"jimp

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Some of what you said is true at times. And Lord bless you for your heart to be pure, but let me tell you this: TD Jakes is a false teacher. A wolf. A covetous merchandiser of the Gospel. You may not have heard him much or be that familiar with hI'm, but that doesn't mean that the leopard has no spots. Bill Johnson is of another Spirit, like Simon the Sorcerer. You may not know/like that, but it's true. Len Ravenhill would have slammed the pulpit in his day about such men as these deceiving people & I will too.
The apostle Paul named names at times when "certain men crept in unawares" deceived the Body. Yes, we should be loving, and many here have not that Spirit either (the Spirit of Christ, full of grace and truth), but let's not throw out the baby with the bath water and be scared to speak the truth at the expense of weak/young believers. They are wolves and should be marked as such openly. Don't tell me to go to hem one on one, for these men have been warned many Times and have not repented.
We can walk in love and humility, but still in Spirit and in TRUTH, and warn the sheep of these ravenous wolves. They are after your wallet, are of another spirit, and the gift of discernment begs these men be marked and avoided. I'm not rebuking you harshly as an elder gentleman, and I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but it's almost slander (& dangerous) to TAKE UP for these wolves without FULLY researching them yourself. Search them out on YouTube and read their writings. I have. They are wolves. Period. Len Ravenhill would have said it in his day. More importantly Paul would have and told us to. More importantly Jesus would have and calls us to. Sheep are at stake. SPIRIT AND TRUTH (not either or).
"Truth without love is brutality. Love without Truth is just sentimentality" Art Katz

 2012/5/12 9:26

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