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 Middle East news -

Figured it may be time for this topic to have it's own thread.

Third Carrier Group heading out from Norfolk.

Will keep this thread for new News only.

 2012/1/30 22:28

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 Re: Middle East news -

. . .along similar lines:

 2012/1/31 0:50Profile


Western pressure on Syria grows ahead of UN debate

Barbara Plett BBC UN correspondent

"Western states hope Tuesday's Arab League briefing to the Security Council can break the impasse over Syria. US and European foreign ministers will be present to demonstrate their support for the Arab plan, which they want the council to endorse.
But the Russians have met this combined offensive with rejection. Keen to protect a thriving arms trade with Syria, they have complained about the resolution's call to stop the flow of weapons to the country (although it doesn't impose an arms embargo).
But the critical issue is the fate of Bashar al-Assad, Russia's closest Arab ally. The Arab peace plan calls on him to delegate power to a deputy. For the Russians, this is regime change by another name.
So the bottom line is: can there be a compromise between Arab and Western states on the one hand, which says there there is no solution with Assad, and Russia on the other, which insists there is no solution without him."

 2012/1/31 2:00

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 Re: Damascus

Regardless how man may plan, or negotiate God is still in control. Let us never forget that.

Sandra Miller

 2012/1/31 10:12Profile

Joined: 2011/9/30
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There will always be wars and rumors of wars.

"See that ye be not troubled" Mt 24:6

 2012/1/31 10:23Profile


This was to be for news only but I didn't figure it would stay that way.

'Some' of us see these events as His Words of prophecy coming to pass ... Of what MEN would do.

Those of us that can almost read The Word in these days as a Daily Newspaper as well - see many of these events unfolding and are just watching GOD's Word confirmed.

I forgot that others don't view prophecy in the same way and that this may turn in a different direction.
And some don't realize that those that have their confidence in His Word and prophetic words Have No Fear.

I just marvel that we are the only group that has been forwarned of what man will do in the end - step-by-step.

I won't be posting anymore News on this topic.

GOD shelter, bring peace & discernment to His Own. He will!

 2012/1/31 11:00


P.S. - Also this past year or two of telling folks what The WORD says will happen next has been a dynamic Witness to the Reality of GOD and His Christ to the fearful unsaved that we run into daily. Divine appointments.
Praise The LORD GOD of Glory!
We have a more sure Word, when they ask us about the hope that is within us, regardless of the 'News'.

 2012/1/31 11:12

Joined: 2010/10/26
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I think a conflict this is year is inevitable now. Infact, from what I gather, 2012 will be a year of many woes. Some have been prophesying it.

So please keep praying. Please pray that God would use us to the end of His will in the midst of the coming mayhem.

 2012/2/1 7:45Profile

 Re: JiG

Sister your idea is good. This thread should be kept open for news instead of starting new threads on a,news topic. Believers need to stay informed on current events as they unfold, particularly in the ME. One good source of news is the PBS News Hour. Good reporting and analysis. Another good source of news is the BBC Workd Report. The Brits give a good r workd report on that report as well as a different perspective on world events. I have heard the Guardian out of Britain is one of the best newspapers in the world. But yes we do need to stay informed about the world around us.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/1 14:44

 Re: Middle East news -

Ann, there are 5 Carrier battle groups in or near the Gulf, three American, one Brit, one French.
the US
get ready for 10 dollar a gallon gas, and pray that the russians dont get jiggy.

the russians feel that they are being surrounded by a wall of American Ballistic Missile Defense sites, RT (Russia Today) has been screaming about this for almost a decade now. The President had said previously the US was not going to deploy sites in former warsaw pact countries such as Poland and Romania. He and the DoD has since reversed.

Russia could care less about Iran, its the BDM sites that really frighten them, to them it smells like a first strike capability, they still remember 22 Jun 1941, when hitler attacked, and they lost 50 million people.

so fasten your seat belts.

 2012/2/1 15:05

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