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 Resistance in Open-Air Evangelism

Today again I went to Mitchell Community College to do some open-air evangelism. Like last time, within several minutes of preaching I met some resistance from school officials who don't seem to know exactly what to make of me being on campus. The head of security says he is a dedicated Christian man, and believes in the message I'm bringing to campus, however other administration officials are less than enthused, as some students have complained about me saying they were offended in my preaching last week (which was only about 10 minutes worth of preaching). In my last 2 times out I have spent more time talking to campus officials than actually preaching. Though the officials have been quite polite to me, showing much respect, it does seem that there is some resistance to my preaching.

I'd ask that you guys keep me in prayer that I would find favor in the eyes of school officials, and that if students find my message offensive, that they would talk to me personally about it, instead of trying to get the school to put preassure on me. I pray that instead of being offended that they might be in danger of hell, that they would instead heed the warning and receive the salvation of the Lord.

Also, pray for my family that has made it very clear to me that they do not like me going out on the streets to minister, pray the Lord softens their hearts and that they would get involved again in the Church.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Resistance in Open-Air Evangelism

I would recommend the "Witnessing in Modern America" from the Christian Law Association. I think you can get it alone for about $ has made me much more bold in my dealings with any authority.

But, just so you know, a public campus is a "traditional public forum", thus you can preach your head off if you'd like.

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