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 Creation evangelist appeals conviction after 5 years

After five years in a federal penitentiary, the mission of the popular Florida-based creation-science lecturer and theme-park creator known as Dr. Dino remains the same: Win people to faith in Jesus Christ and get out of prison.
In an email from a minimum security satellite of the Supermax prison in Florence, Colo., Kent Hovind told WND he has seen numerous inmates come to Christian faith as he continues to appeal his 2006 conviction, which resulted in a 10-year sentence.

His son, Eric Hovind, who now directs the ministry founded in Pensacola in 1989 as Creation Science Evangelism, contends the government completely misrepresented his parents in the trial, portraying them as anti-government radicals. His mother, Jo, served one year in prison. With time off for good behavior, his father has another three years to serve if his appeals are unsuccessful, according to his attorney. ...

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 Re: Creation evangelist appeals conviction after 5 years

I hope he gets out soon.

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He's got a blog that I check from time to time. He greatly encourages people to send tracts, encouraging letters, etc. to the other inmates he is either witnessing to or discipling, who get virtually no mail:

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Just so people know, Kent was sentenced to federal penitentiary for tax law violations (not his Christian beliefs or practices). I am not familiar with his case, so I don't know how serious the charges against him were or if it was something trifling. I have no animosity against Kent, I truly believe that he is a sincere Christian. He is very mild-mannered and soft-spoken. I do think he is misguided on some things (not on Creationism however). My exposure to Kent was from James White. You can view Kent here on YouTube:

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 Re: Reminds me of those imprisoned in foreign lands

I do not kniw the details of why this brother was imprisoned. The government says he violated tax guidelines. Certainly some accomodations of restitution coukd have been worked out without imprisonment. How many corporations are let loose with a slap on the wrist for violating tax guidelines.

One must wonder, given the antichrist spirit of the age, that the government wanted to punish this man for being a.Christian.

Saints wake up. The boxcars with shackles and guillotines and death camps are in place.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/1/26 10:01

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If I remember correctly, he got locked up for tax evasion, and not about his Christian beliefs. However, he was 100% sincere in his beliefs and studies of the law that many of the taxes demanded were completely in violation of his constitutional rights (he may have been right too, but I haven't looked into it with the detail that he had). Personally I would rather just render unto Caesar and skip jail, but he seems to be making good use of his time there.

Either way, I really hope he gets out soon and starts his Q&A sessions at the Universities again. Pretty interesting to watch, and I'd recommend watching them on Youtube if you get the chance.

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