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 ABSOLUTE WICKEDNESS: The Kinsey Syndrome (documentary)

I wasn't sure where to post this but felt it vital info..

We are according to this documentary on You-Tube living in the post-Kinsey era.

If per chance you are addicted/struggle with porn, please watch this. Type on you tube the above as it is written.

This wicked man, Kinsey, controlled by evil forces that were more than willing to accomadate his perversions, was backed by The Rockerfeller Foundation (?,not spelled right), Ford Fnd., Carnege Fnd., took his own life after his financial backing ended, but Not until the evil so-called scientific study and it's agenda was completed, through the University of Indianna that sealed (sound familiar) the records to this scientific study! WHAT!!!

We now live under a sex crime revolving door prosecution system and out of control sexual depravity that really took off during the sexual revolution of the 60's that is in a constant fast forward speedframe. Infilterating our Whole education system and judicial!!! Entertainment industry is rotten, hello.

Never wonder why. Eph. 6:12 coupled with the knowledge of our own flesh which is enmity toward the spirit Rom. 8 we get a good idea of what we're up against.

I think it helps when we see key players behind the scenes used by satan. The Bible gives us many biography's of men and women of Faith who overcame the evil one by faith in Jesus Christ & the power of His Word. Here is a snipet of biography's satan can tell of in his own book that weild his killer destruction.

It helps me to have names and agenda's the snake satan is using to defile those I love. Especially burns me up continually watching the backing the evil one recieves to propagate depravity in the name of, well in this one case alone, science!! yeah right, it was CRIME, not science, CRIME in the highest degree. ON CHILDREN!!

The best thing we can do for our children these days is to learn to love, examine, explore and enjoy together God's creation, get fun for mom and dad informative, educational activity books, use the library before it becomes extinct, be very involved as much as humanly possible, pray w/out ceasing in child like faith, and if you must have tv use discernment!!!! Philippians 4:8, and love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strenth!!!

If you don't homeschool you might check into the amazing curriculum catalogs from Christian resources, there are whole catalogs and whole reference books to christian curriculum and seriously look into supplementing.
The Christian curriculum gave schooling a whole new meaning of life for me. I learned right along with them and was given so much more identity and purpose through the realization that our God truly is the master creator/designer of everything there is to gain ultimate knowledge in. He made it all!!!! And we should give Him the Glory. The library has alot of great Christian resources many God loving people have donated just to make it available. Christian/fiction biography's such as the Trailblazer series was a great resource for my youngins. Then later George Henty's stories on many conquest throughout history. Just to name a couple. But there is a ton out there and many used curriculum fairs beside the internet.

They have immunized our curriculum of so much vital truth.

They take all the Christianity out of all the greatest inventions, discoveries, conquest,ect. that was ever made by God loving, God fearing men and women that has carried us into this age.

But if you haven't noticed yet the foundations of such is being rewritten, demoralized, and pschobabblized and the unscriptualized who think we are coming into an age of enlightenment will soon find out they have put us all on shakey ground. But God be praised if we can give our kids an eternal, heavenly perspective and zeal for Truth and love for mankind and a fortitude to stand alone and die for Christ if need be before God finally sais enough already, "Son, go and gather my children!!!!"

I know the road is narrow and few there will be that find it. Blame flesh first then satan then have a holy war and be proud of it. Proud that Christ gave us the knowledge of who the enemy is, and proud He is able and willing to deliver us. Our humility wrapped in His power, blood spilt power will conquor all satan can use against us.
When we resist temptation, standing in Christ we escape it and the evil one. Amen?

Well anyway, all that just to promote an informative doc. not recomended for children. And I haven't even watched it recently, ha, just saw a post that triggered the memory of it.

I'm a real mom at heart, some things just get me riled up.

To God be the glory,
yer luv'd

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