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 Disaffected Presbyterians Announce New Evangelical Body

Calling it the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, the group presented the body not as an "alternative" but rather as a structure that "enables ministry," quoted Dr. John Ortberg, pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, as saying.

"Every organism lives in a larger system. A healthy ecosystem filters out toxins so that organisms can thrive," Ortberg said at a conference of The Fellowship of Presbyterians – the group launching ECO. "The goal is to build a spiritual ecosystem that in turn builds flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ." ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/1/21 17:53Profile

 Re: Disaffected Presbyterians Announce New Evangelical Body

There's already other Presbyterian branches that they could have joined up 'with'.
There's the Reformed Presbyterian and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), a very conservative branch that formed in the 70's.
Confusing why they just didn't switch over to one of either of those two.
Maybe those are 'too' conservative for some and they need something inbetween the PCUSA and the PCA.
I'm all for them splitting from the pcusa but more splits is getting confusing to the Non-Protestants out there.
When the Catholics where I live learned that I came up here from a "Presbyterian" church down south - they spread the rumor that I was "liberal" - because they have no idea that there's not just one branch using the "Presbyterian" name ... but they know now, but how many don't.
Isn't that the whole problem to begin with - when we start 'naming' our Churches by denominational names?
It's sad for us and confusing for the world and non-protestants to see so many denominational names & titles.

Looking forward to His Return and the end of this mess.

 2012/1/21 18:56

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 Re: Disaffected Presbyterians Announce New Evangelical Body

ECO.....sounds very today. If I understood the article, their stance on women's ordination may prevent them from joining league with the PCA?

 2012/1/21 20:05Profile


Brother Lyle ... does the PCA permit women pastors?

That is news to me, if that's the case.

Thank you in advance for replying.

 2012/1/21 20:08

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What's the point in doing this? Given a generation or two, and the ECO will be liberal too. Starting a new denomination has never been nor will it ever be the answer the body of Christ needs.

Jimmy H

 2012/1/21 21:00Profile


This article came up again but this time I read the whole of it. I see what Brother Lyle meant now.
The PCA does not ordain women and this new group wants to.
Just needed to clear up my mistake of not reading the whole of the article. And defend the PCA as well.

 2012/3/2 5:00

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