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 1/16/12 Iran (ACLJ) Under Increased Pressure, Pastor Youcef Refuses to Recant Faith -

Iran is continuing its relentless attempt to force persecuted Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to recant his faith in Jesus Christ. New reports state that Iranian officials are still pressuring the pastor, who has been sentenced to death for his Christian faith, "to renounce his faith in Christ and accept the prophet Muhammad as his savior."

Pastor Youcef once again refused, remaining steadfast in his faith. Remember, Iran previously demanded on at least three separate occasions that Pastor Youcef recant his faith and convert to Islam at his latest trial, to which he replied, "I cannot".

The Iranian court tasked with making a final determination about Pastor Youcef's fate has ignored its own promise to make its determination over a month ago. Iran's move to further delay a determination regarding Pastor Youcef not only violates international law; it violates Iranian law as well. Full Story

Pray for Pastor Youcef. Give thanks to God for his steadfast faith in Jesus and pray for his faith to remain strong.
Pray for those eyes who are watching Pastor Youcef, that they might see and wonder who this God is that he would lay down his life for before he denies Him.
Pray for Iran, as the church there is exploding and many more pastors and believers may face pressures similar to Pastor Youcef's.

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 Re: 1/16/12 Iran (ACLJ) Under Increased Pressure, Pastor Youcef Refuses to Recant Fai

Brother Greg, you might want to read the two links posted above. My pastor's son told me about this as he is Iranian and has a lot of background information on this.

Although this should not discourage us from praying for him....

In Christ,

- Michael Liao

Michael Liao

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