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 Reading Judges

When I used to work for McDonalds Resteraunts I loved to read my Bible on my lunch break. I had been reading the Psalms for a while and was really being blessed on my breaks. One day, about ten minutes before lunch, I felt the presence of the Lord fill my heart. It was like he had taken control of my body while I just took a time out and worshipped. It was awesome, I was flipping the burgers on the grill but I was in another world at the same time.

I've heard people say that they heard what was almost like an audible voice from God before, but this time I experienced it. I knew he wanted to get my attention so I asked him what he wanted. He told me that he wanted me to read the book of Judges. I was somewhat disappointed because of the blessings I was getting from reading the Psalms. So I answered, "But I want to read the Psalms." Once again he said that he wanted me to read Judges. I gave in and asked him where should I start. He told me to start in Ch. 2. When I asked which verse he just said that the beginning would be good enough. So I agreed and his presence lifted.

When my break came I walked very quickly back to the break room to get my Bible. I didn't know what to expect since I had not read the book of Judges in years. I started at chapter 2 and read as fast as I could. When I hit verse 10 the presence of the Lord manifested again and I was blown away. It read, "When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers(the Godly generation including Joshua who had entered into the promised land), another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the works which He had done for Israel."

I used to ask my best friend all the time, "What is wrong with this generation?" I hadn't even asked that question in prayer, but I guess the Lord was listening to my conversations. His presence manifested after I read that verse and the three following verses and he told me that that was the answer to my question as to what was wrong with the present generation of Christians.

Shortly after that I bought a book by Ron Auch called "Pentecostals In Crisis" and its theme was that this generation has been one that has lived off of the stories of the past and had not experienced the Lord in a personal way. Which only confirmed to me what God had showed me.

In Christ,
Jeremy Hulsey

Jeremy Hulsey

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 Re: Reading Judges

This is just great stuff, keep 'em coming.
I think I can relate to that idea that the Lord will want you to go in another direction ("But I want to read the Psalms") to reveal certain things, I usually fear that it's going to be a "tough thing" that I don't really want to deal with, in fact I am sure that would have been my reaction if He told me to go to Judges :-D.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Reading Judges

I agree with what the Lord told you. He showed me that too, awhile ago.
I think the modern church is running on the blessings of the past. God is a real God and wants to be as real for us in our generation as He was in generations past. It seems that today the 'by faith' movement has abused or misused faith to point where experiences in God are not expected, or a manifestation of the flesh is mistaken for the work of Spirit. I have seen both. Confusion abounds in the church.

One time my old church was laying hands a young boy to receive the Holy Ghost. The Pastor kept touching the boys head and pushing on it just a little. After this occurred several times, the boys head was so far back that he lost his balance and fell to the floor backwards. Well, the 'leadership' said he was 'slain in the Spirit.' It was obvious to me, who was watching from a short distance that the boy lost his balance, but they would listen to nothing, and the boy did not want to argue with them either, they were right and that was it. I just shook my head and walked off.

I say the Church needs to get on its face before God and repent of its folly and seek His face, not His power or gifts, just Him and Him alone.

Christianity today (as a whole) is soppy, sentimental and self serving. Christians are seeking God for a new car, a second home, naming and claiming, blabbing and grabbing, seeking anything and everything but Him who bought them with His own blood. Their using Christ and Christianity as a stalking horse to get and hold the world.

We are bond-slaves of Christ now. A slave does not make demands on his Master, he listens for orders and then obeys. Away with the Santa Claus Jesus, and bring back the King

Revival (like judgement) has to begin at the house of God.

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I think the modern church is running on the blessings of the past. God is a real God and wants to be as real for us in our generation as He was in generations past.

Yes Brother we need not be content with what we have inherited but look back in the past and see how God moved in powerful ways and be not content until he does it again. Not looking for an indentical move of God under the same circumstances but just pleading with God as Moses did: "Now show me your glory." - Exodus 33:18

Confusion abounds in the church.

If the Church is confused how much more the World.

Revival (like judgement) has to begin at the house of God.

Who will come before God with an ardent desire for more from God. To not be satisfied with the Norm but to seek God for His vision and plan.

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The post that Greg put her makes me think of what Jim Cymbal said in Fresh Wind Fresh Fire. He states that many Christians continue to look to God and wait upon God to move in their life always expecting Him to do something in the future, even the very near future. These same Christians find themselves at the end of their lives wondering why God never moved.

God desires to move in our lives and the lives of those around us this VERY DAY. God is seeking a people who will be His TODAY.

For this reason the Lord lead me to start this topic of “Miracles that follow the plow.” The Lord is very active and alive in my every day. Wednesday the Lord speaks plainly to me about what a man can do who is completely dedicated unto Him. Thursday I get to see a many recommit himself to the Lord. Yesterday the Lord puts it into my heart to go to a certain place 30 minutes from where I live to speak to a person about Christ, a person who I had never meet before. Early this morning the Lord gave me a dream about the persecuted Christians in China. Tomorrow who knows what the Lord will do.

The Lord desires to work in each of our lives but we shut Him out. It is our fault that God doesn’t move. Remember Jesus told the disciples, “beseech ye the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers.” And again the lord said in Joel “Break up your follow ground”

We must PRAY, we must OBEY. If you do not you have no one to blame but you.

These testimonies that I share under this topic are meant to encourage you. To remind you of the might Lord that dwells within you. When we share with one another about what the Lord has done in our lives you remind yourself of what great things the Lord has done and you also encourage others. Their faith and yours are then increased.

Dear brothers, dear sisters; LET US SEEK THE LORD TODAY. “Now is "THE ACCEPTABLE TIME," behold, now is "THE DAY OF SALVATION"

Beaux Pilgrim

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