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 100,000 souls Reaped challenge for 2012

100,000 souls Reaped challenge for 2012

I have been led by the Lord to challenge everyone of you here on to help lead 100,000 souls to Christ this year in 2012.

Here is how this challenge came aboout:

After responding to a couple of thread here last night sharing how easy it is get someone saved actually is, The Lord ask me "do you believe what you said?" my response was "It's is written and what is written in your word I believe it with my heart, Yes Lord I believe it".

Then he ask me, "How many souls can you believe in your heart can be saved this year?"

I had to pause and ponder this question for quite a while before I could honestly answer his question.

"Lord I can believe for 100 souls this year..." Folks, my heart for the lost is big, yet I was streching my faith to it's extreme when I said 100, because honestly it is more like 5 or 6 in a year. That is my average, if we are thinking in baseball terms, which isn't very good.

What's yours?

Plus, to add to this my wife's parents are living with us because they are aged and need a lot of care. As a matter of fact, The doctors have been recommending that we place them in a nursing home. Yet we are equipt and I am able to do the work needed. so, my wife and I feel it is better to be with family than in a nusring home.Amen. Yet if you will holding Mary Jo and Glen Shelton up in prayer, I would be apprecative of your support.

Then the Lord responded, "how many can you believe for if everyone on the sermonindex forum would reach out?"

Again, I had to pause.

I look at some of the stats of people veiwing various threads on the forum in the posts colum and knowing there are many Christians from various countries on the sermon index dot net forum...

I answered the Lord by saying 1,000 souls could be saved in a weeks time Lord, if everyone would catch the same vision. However, I believe there could be 100,000 souls saved from this forum alone in a year and I also believe that is a conservative number, so Lord, I said, I am going to believe for 100,000 souls saved from every country represented on this forum in 2012.Amen.

Here again is my thought that brought me to this conclusion:

Back in the 80's my wife and I were involved in Amway. If anyone is familier with Amway at all, what I did was find prospects that were looking to get involved in their own home based business. When I would give a presentation
I would draw circles. The first circle would look like this:

1.You - Prepare to witness to 6 people. this includes prayer, scripture memorization or carry a new testament with you. Read your bible daily.

2. You talk to 6 people about Christ by Introducing them to the Gospel. If they are ready lead them through the sinners prayer and celabrate their salvation. Other wise you are sowing the word.Someone else will reap what you have sown soon.

3. Teach them to do the same thing you did by introducing others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If each of the 6 just get 4 other people and continue this witnessing cycle, 6 times 4 = 24 new Christian disciples.

Then if those 4 do the same and get just 2 each 4X2= 8 that is 48 new disciples. Then those 2 just get one each 50 new disiples for Christ.

Now this could happen with in a few days time or it could happen in as little as an afternoon.

Ok, this is may be poor example of how the gospel spreads, but I think you get the idea here. Now here is something that might excite you all, in the Gospel of John chapter 4:35-38 reads:

Johns Gospel From Weymouth translation

4:35 Do you not say, ‘It wants four months yet to the harvest’? But
look round, I tell you, and observe these plains — they are
already ripe for the sickle.

4:36 The reaper gets pay and gathers in a crop in preparation for the
Life of the Ages, that so the sower and the reapers may rejoice

4:37 For it is in this that you see the real meaning of the saying, ‘The
sower is one person, and the reaper is another.’

4:38 I sent you to reap a harvest which is not the result of your own
labors. Others have labored, and you are getting benefit from their

The Lord showed me this verse in particular. Did you read what it says?

Look at verse 36, 37, and 38 again. If this doesn't set you on fire, then your wood is wet.

Verse 36: The reaper gets pay (the kjv says wages) and gathers in a crop in preparation for the life of ages. The pay or wages here is refering to souls and the value of a soul will bring much fruit and will be mark to the credit of the sowers and the reapers What an Investment. I also believe that if you reap souls as a soul winner, The Lord will provide all your needs acording to his riches in Glory. So, regardless of your circumstances, the Lord will provide for you.

Then the Lord had me read John 4:7-33. I won't past it here, so, grab your bible and read it for yourself. After I read these verse the Lord had me read John 4:39-45 verse 41 is pivitol.

I believe that Lord is telling us that the harvest is ready and if we act in faith we will reap where others have sown.

John 4:38 I sent you to reap a harvest which is not the result of your own
labors. Others have labored, and you are getting benefit from their

The Lord has already commissioned us to reach the world in Mark 16:14-18
16:14 Later still He showed Himself to the Eleven themselves whilst
they were at table, and He upbraided them with their unbelief and
obstinacy in not having believed those who had seen Him alive.

16:15 Then He said to them, “Go the whole world over, and proclaim
the Good News to all mankind.

16:16 He who believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he who
disbelieves will be condemned.

16:17 And signs shall attend those who believe, even such as these. By
making use of my name they shall expel demons. They shall
speak new languages.

16:18 They shall take up venomous snakes, and if they drink any
deadly poison it shall do them no harm whatever. They shall lay
their hands on the sick, and the sick shall recover.”

This word is for all who reads this thread... all you have to do is believe.

Father in Jesus name, I pray Lord that everyone that reads this thread will catch the same vision that you have shown me in your word.Amen

Can all of us go into the Lost and Dying world and reap the souls that the Lord has prepared?

I know we can, let's keep this thread alive by book marking it and coming back often, posting how the Lord has used you to help reach a 100,000 souls for Christ.

Thank you and God bless for taking the time to prayerfully read this thread.

W.R.Cato aka, sonsigns

P.S. If you have any questions send me an email [email protected]

William Cato

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 Re: 100,000 souls Reaped challenge for 2012

Dear Brother, I appreciate your burden in this area. Truly there must be more souls saved. I feel at times the lack of genuine burden in my heart is part of the cause. There needs to be a move of the Spirit of God in our local areas and Christ must be exalted.

Once there is a move of the Spirit many souls can be swept into the kingdom.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: 100,000 souls Reaped challenge for 2012

No doubt, we know, that to reach the lost, time, much time, needs to spent in prayer. Without that, our evangelism, whilst well meaning, will be almost meaningless.

However, reach the lost we must. And we should do so for God's glory and honour alone.

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