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Special thanks to all of you here.

She was involved in an accident where he was at a total stop and the person who rear ended her hit her going 55 miles per hour. Her back has hurt since that day, hopefully they can find something to make the pain manageable or know how to get her out of distress in toto.

Thanks again!

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You have my prayers tnite and from here on, but be reminded of this, trust the lord also, for when prayers arent answered, milestones arent met, things dont come together as you would like them, just remember, you, we, all of us have need of patience, for the Lord is doing a work in us all. As of late, I have seen so many that are deeply afflicted with pain, suffering, and many other afflictions that followers of Christ and people who live this life endure.

For in this life ye shall suffer persecution, it isnt just in the form of martyrdom through the preached gospel, but also with the attacks that come from the enemy as well, mostly in this day n age.

Just keep that in mind as our prayers go forth, for God will hear, but he will answer as best needed and fitted for our lives.

God bless you and keep u n your family

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Praying Brother, for you all.

ManofGod0000 - amen sir. The assurance we have is that HE is working his purposes out!

Jamie Adam

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