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 Re: Has anyone crossed over into the promised land lately?

I haven't crossed over the Jordan as you call it yet...but the Holy Spirit has been leading me and teaching me. I read books about it and study it in the scriptures most of the time and becasue of that my faith is increasing as I read and study...

My advice to you would be that you do not strive to get it, don't try to get it in your own strength by modifying your behaviour but pray and ask for it by faith because you'll only cross over by faith......

Testimonies you can find at these sites
Duncan Campbells testimony on sermon index

These sites will help you out


Watchman Nee....Normal Christian Life...

Andrew Murray....Various Books like Two Covenants or Absolute Surrender

Victorious Life by an Unknown Christian

Online MP3

I hope this all helps, if I had more time I would put on more......

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Colin Murray

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Hi Murrcolr,
Thanks for your post.
I am not sure whether every christian experience a "crossing over into the promise land" journey.Some christians seem to have an apprentice type journey and dont spend time in the wilderness.

I was hoping that posters could take this opportunity to testify of Christ leading through wilderness time to the promise God has for them.If their are any others who want to tell of Joshua's greatness do post.....
Yours Staff

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Hi All,
I bumped up this post again as I feel their are still some stories to be told.Their has to be more than one christian that has a testimony.
Are their any Christians out there that have crossed over into "Gods promise" for them in this life and have a testimony to tell about the crossing and about what they have come into.
Yours and Thanks Staff

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The original question was, "Has anyone crossed over into the promised land lately?" My immediate thought after reading that was, "Has anyone fought any giants lately?" The promised land was beset with giants and warfare. It is not a picture of heaven, for there are no giants to slay in heaven.

I would therefore say that if you have crossed over from Egypt (a picture of the world) into Canaan with Joshua (a picture of the Spirit-led Christian life), you have, in fact, entered the promised land. Welcome! Now, mortify those giants of lust and pride and self and mammon and keep pressing on toward the Spiritual Jerusalem that awaits us pilgrims! The city of the Great King.

Paul Frederick West

 2012/1/21 17:08Profile


I don't think revivals are meant to last, as designed by God. The early church, in the purist of outpouring; Pentecost, and men like Paul the Apostle carrying Pentecost; revival, were faced with apostasy early on.

Acts 20:30...and the letters to the 7 churches...spoken by Jesus Himself.

So, I see the "Promised Land" as something that must be kept, like a Garden, or it will be lost. Consider the Laodicean church.....close to death, but filled with confidence.

If God graces us with outpouring Revival...then our responsibility after the "fallow ground" has been broken up, and the seed of Life begins to to keep Him burning.

This must be done through a spirit of continual burning, which in our world means repentance. We must DENY ourselves, our satanic identities within all of us...and allow the Holy Spirit to possess us, that we may walk with Him, His Love, and His power.

The promised land cannot be controlled by man...nor kept by man....but only under the direct Lordship of Jesus as Lord.....and by all following the Lamb wherever He may go.

Most revivals are in name only...but some are real...and I hope yours is authentic.

I was saved, born the second time, baptized in a mighty fire of God's love 40 years ago. I was 22, broken and foolish...but got saved, and yes, it was a revival; the Jesus people revival, that swept millions of mostly young folks into a Spirit filled Kingdom, a promised land, so to speak.

I went to sleep every night awake with God's presence, and awoke every day in His Presence, as did all of my friends. I carried a Bible with me everywhere I went, every day, and had adventures with God...leading me, directing me, and saw hundreds and hundreds of sinners, like me, born again, and baptized; ALL WITH THE TELL-TALE FRUIT OF LOVE...that only the Holy Spirit can give.

Several times, the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in our meetings....I witnessed the visible cloud of Glory fall in Shekinah Brightness more than once...where Jesus manifested Himself in light...accompanied twice with spontaneous dancing with joy inexpressible....

Thousands and thousands were eventually born again, and baptized..through our one little group. ended. After a few years, men decided that they were responsible, and accountable, and took it over as the Pastors and Apostolic authorities. They were not. The Holy Spirit left, and today, that same church is void, with only the ritual of what was once a reality.

Out of the hundreds of friends I once knew in that time...[ of seven years or so..] most, by far...have fallen away.

So, is Revival like a ticket to ride? Or the Promise land idea? No. It is just a beginning, but an equipping for all to see a clear light at the gate.

 2012/1/21 17:31

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for your post
Can you lead a spirit lead life without mortifying the giants of lust and pride and self and mammon?

Their are two definite crossings of the Jordan
1.When we get saved
2 When we die
Their is a third with some people at least.
3.Crossing over into what God has called them into in this life.
Some people spend time of varying degrees in a wilderness after they are saved.Coming into what God has for them involves a biblical process,consecration-dry ground crossing-circumsicion and then after that comes the battle with the inhabitants of the land.

I would therefore say that if you have crossed over from Egypt (a picture of the world) into Canaan with Joshua (a picture of the Spirit-led Christian life), you have, in fact, entered the promised land. Welcome! Now, mortify those giants of lust and pride and self and mammon and keep pressing on toward the Spiritual Jerusalem that awaits us pilgrims! The city of the Great King.
Yours Staff

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Hi Brothertom,
Thanks for your post,
That is a great account of revival and I suppose part of crossing the Jordan into the promised land is a revival.
When the Israelites crossed the Jordan they went through a process, consecration-crossing the Jordan-circumcision,was that the same with this revival?
I like the discription you make of "only the ritual of what was a reality"
That is the difference I think with the end time church,it wont get time to go into ritual,thanks for your testimony
Yours Staff

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 Re: I Crossed the Jordan

Daily, though I drink a secret stream
That satisfies my soul, I once did dream
Of conquests over gloating enemies
That live where countless rows of spreading trees
Along a riverbank provide the shade
Of freedom to themselves, when God has made
It really to be mine; so, as he planned
It long ago, He’ll take from them their land
And give to me gently flowing streams
That years of longing carry in their dreams.

But dreams are funny things to manifest.
They always do escape until we rest
Secure already, that though we still groan
And feel travail, and anger makes us own
That there’s a devil stalking hard in rage,
Our suffering need not be a self-made cage
In which we live a lie that we are slaves
That go down bitter to our angry graves.

Moses, great as he was, struck the rock,
And though he led for years the holy flock,
When God commanded him to gently take
The rod and set it down, for God would break
The rock again by just a word this time,
Our Moses flared, and high did anger climb
Within his breast, until he struck the stone,
And by that rod his future did disown.

The wiser Caleb stood with horror’s eye,
And dared not also God’s decree defy,
But set his heart to wait and pass the test
That every man must pass to gain his rest.

Sometimes I find it dangerous to be right,
For anger summons me to go and fight
Against opponents who stand clearly wrong,
But will not see until my angry, strong
Symphonic blast of reasoned argument,
Drives them by these blows to soon relent.

Ha! I’m the angry one if this be true,
And heaven is a hell, and I am through
With hopes of living in a land where peace
In discord finds miraculous release.

Thankfully, the man of wrath lies dead,
Not from a fight, but crucified instead,
So that the fight of praise may take its place,
And usher in the reign of healing grace.

Brian L. Coatney 12-18-01

 2012/5/13 20:25Profile

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