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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : My Grief over this forum....time to close?

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You know it's a good forum when you also know that a moderator or two is clenching their teeth in opposition, but still allow the post, or thread.

Honestly, I really appreciate this spirit of tolerance, without compromise...and I realize that it is a hard tight-rope to walk sometimes.

For those who may venture out now and then into the Amazon of "free" Christian forums; Beware! there are Alligators out there! Disrespect, growling, biting and cursing are the order of the day.!

One word of advice: Don't take disagreement and rejection too it is going to happen..[ anyone here been married? ]...and speak your mind with respect ....and you will do well....and I would not want the moderators job here....but say Bravo!...It is a well ran forum.BT

 2012/1/25 0:25

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