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 Prayers for various people

I have many prayer requests for friends and family that i need prayers for, right now with me struggling i need saints to lift these people up in prayer.
Keith: My friend Keith i have been witnessing to for almost 3 years now, i just recently got him Charles Spurgeons All of Grace and Around the wicket gate. I hope the Lord will use it and also pray that he gets back into the word of God. Also pray for his illness that he has that the Lord would heal him.
My sister: My sister is getting a divorce and is seemed to be very lonely and doesn't seem happy. Can you pray that if it is the Lords will for them to restore their marriage that he would do so and thathe would comfort her soul and that the Lord would draw her to Him for salvation.
June: The old place I use to work at at the elderly home has a christian women who i became friends to and she called me her mentor, she is very lonely without many christians around her. Pray for the Lord to comfort her, pray for health, and that the Lord would bring someone into her life a christian to befriend her. Also pray for all the people at paradise park.
Prayers for my family and relatives: please pray for my family, wife and my wifes family and relatives and for the Lord to bring salvation to them all.
My friend: I have another friend who is struggling with his marriage and he needs prayers for his walk with the Lord. His name is Stan.
Prayers for my moms cousins: Her cousins have cancer, I believe one is Donna and i forgot the other , if you could pray for them.
My wifes nephew:My wifes nephew Ethan who has a disease, if you could please put him in your daily prayers to be healed of this.We also have a friend of my wives brother named michael with the same condition, please pray for him earnestly too.
First baptist church and my pastors youth group: please pray for their church and also my expastor well i call him my pastor still, pray for his youth group and our bible study. But, please keep this church in prayer, they do not have many people in the church anymore.
Friends: I have a friend justin and colin who our brothers who have been hanging out with the wrong people who do drugs, please pray for them and their salvation, also pray for justins wife stephanie.
Again their is more prayers, but this is what came in mind, but if you can keep these in your daily prayers i would deeply appreciate it. In Christ John

John Beechy

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 Re: Prayers for various people

Hi John,

Will pray for Keith and your sister and the other requests you mentioned. Have heard good things about Spurgeon's book, 'Around the wicket gate'.

God bless you :)

In Jesus,

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