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Northern Rockies, BC, Canada


I'm a bit suprised this topic isn't being discussed more these past few days.
I'd just like to end my participation in this thread by asking all redeemed by God's precious blood and faith in His promises, to please pray for Mr Cloud as the Spirit leads.
All of us here need mercy not only from God, but one another as well. I think myself it would be terrible, and a great sin, if I were to "throw Mr Cloud under a bus." Let us be discerning yes, but let us not judge anything before its time; for the Lord is quite able to bring any man to his senses, to himself, and make himself flee to Christ that God welcome him back into the fold.
It is a fearful thing to be as the older brother in the parable of the prodigal... And I speak this to myself first.
I have seen always that the Lord is much more merciful than man, even more than those who profess to be His children.
I do hope that any correspondence with Mr Cloud in the future will be that of sending him great and precious truths in meekness and in love... Truths that will press down weightily upon the man's reason and conscience by the help of the Holy Ghost, that will drive him to Christ... For all I know, he may be firmly resting on Christ's bosom right now; but if not now, then I do hope soon. God is able brothers and sisters; He, indeed is Thee Abled One.
May the Lord give me a heart more fuller of His divine Love, and less of criticism in myself.


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