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 A Warning About David W Cloud

Need to say up front that this is not my return. I just need to issue a warning to everyone.

It’s been a while, but not too long ago I was a reader of an Independent Baptist writer by the name of David W Cloud. He has written on a plethora of topics from Calvinism, Catholicism, Music, KJV, etc.

The more I have studied some of these issues the more I have come to realize that on some issues Mr. Cloud is correct, but on many issues he has no idea what he is talking about. His scholarship is questionable at best and he seems to rely on others research while claiming to have done the research himself.

Recently I have had some correspondances with Mr. Cloud. I had some questions about some things he had written, and also a couple of suggestions. I had been warned that to write to Mr. Cloud would be inviting a rude response even if you agree with him.

Well, that was a fact. My friendly email to him was met with hostility, accusations of “persecuting” him, questions about my own relationship with God… I was shocked and amazed. I tried to clarify my email to him, and was again shocked as he replied by belittling me and actually writing out for me what an apology would sound like should I choose to apologize to him.

According to many things I have read on different forums, etc, this is a very common experience that people have with Mr. Cloud.

Therefore, let me apologize to everyone here for ever posting anything written by David Cloud or otherwise promoting his “ministry”. I regret ever having done that.


 2012/1/10 16:09

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Northern Idaho

 Re: A Warning About David W Cloud

I have missed you Krispy. There are certain posters that I particularly like to see what they have to say. You are one.

Have a blessed day! May you see the Lord's fingerprints in it. ... and do something fun!

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Your return? I've been gone for a few weeks, did I miss something?

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 Re: A Warning About David W Cloud

I had a very similar experience with a pastor that folks on here lionize. He was caustic and basically, told me that he didn't have time for my questions.

I was writing him to explain why a lot of Pentecostals don't even question some of the manifestations that happen in their meetings (because they are incorrectly taught that it is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit to stop them). Was just letting him know because he questioned why it happens in one of his messages that I had just listened to. I assumed that he was seriously asking a question and wanted to give him my perspective because I've been there and I know (thank you Lord for deliverance from that).

Boy was I wrong!

No worries...

 2012/1/10 19:33Profile


EverestoSama... taking an extended break from here. Was getting very frustrated by some of the strange things being brought to the table by some... and was also told by a couple of newer people that my presence was no longer welcome here.

But since over the years I have posted a number of things by David Cloud, cited some of his writings as sources, and promoted his writings I thought it appropriate to come here and publicly distance myself from the man. While sometimes he may have something good to say... I was absolutely shocked by his lack of character in how he treats people.

And a 2 minute research of him online will reveal that MANY MANY people have had similar experiences with him. It was not an isolated event. This is his M.O.

It's a perfect example of what happens when human pride takes over a ministry.

Simply put, he is mean as a copperhead snake... and extremely arrogant and pompous. I know some here think I am arrogant and pompous, but let me assure you that while that can be true at times... you obviously have not had contact with Mr. Cloud!

Signing off.


 2012/1/11 5:20

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Now, Steve, don't you dare go away!!


Sandra Miller

 2012/1/11 5:57Profile

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This happens a lot when we place men on a pedestal. We have displaced God with a man as the final authority on life. This is idolatry, pure and simple, but rarely recognized as such.

I have come to see this as a blessing to see these people knocked off their pedestal - this is an act of God done for our benefit. What gets really revealing is when these folks develop hostility towards you because of your lack of trust in them.

Yes, Mr.Popular cannot save me, only the LORD Jesus can and does! PTL

Sandra Miller

 2012/1/11 6:09Profile

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Lakeland FL

 Re: A Warning About David W Cloud


You posting reminds me of several of traits that are associated with fundamentalism.

Lack of patience
Lack of tolerance
Little to no grace
Very small listening ear
Their way or the highway

If you look at fundamentalism across the board, I refer to different religious beliefs- fundamentalism carries the same traits and it helps to create athiests as a result. Jesus often confronted these people in the Pharisees who were so holden to the law that they would even make up stuff in order for their own gain but do it in the name of God.


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Missed you too, Krispy.



J Kruger

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If I don't sense any humility and meekness coming forth from a man's lips then I don't sense the Spirit of grace in a man; and, if I don't sense a Spirit of grace, then I don't sense the presence of the Lord.
I've never sensed the Spirit of grace coming forth from Mr Cloud in any teching I've ever heard from him; and an old friend that introduced me to his teachings...I never sensed the Spirit of God in him either... This "brother" was always, when I was around him, trying to under-mind everybody else that he was around, and going to any meeting with him was quite unpleasant where afterwards, the spirit of criticism was manifested. It never seemed like he wanted to go to any steeple-house to bless anyone, but always refracting any "light" towards the preacher.
These kinds of attitudes are most cancerous to the body of Christ.
I'm glad you're back Krisp - Peace be with you in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
I do hope that Mr Cloud humbles himself under the mighty hand of God. I haven't been interested in hearing anything from him in over 5 yrs now, but it "sounds" to me he is not grown at all in grace, but still puffed up. I do fear for this man's soul. May God humble him, lest he go out into eternity with a haughty heart thinking God will exalt him into glory.


 2012/1/11 13:35Profile

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