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 Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

How is He like?

What is it like being around Him?

Meeting Him.

Spending time with Him.

Pursuing Him.

Key word pursue.

We pursue so many things everyday.

But sometimes the things we are pursuing are hidden behind the things we think we are pursuing.

We can be reading Scripture or listening to a sermon and it can have nothing to do with pursuing God and for many people it has nothing to do with pursuing God.

Pursuing knowledge is not the same as pursuing God even if it's knowledge about God.

With a person it's easy, I come to your house we talk and listen to each other, spend time etc.

Why do we treat Jesus different?

He is a person.

He's alive.

He's a living person like you and me.

But we don't want to spend time with him.

We will do everything and anything just so we don't have to do this!

We will watch sermons about Him and read books about Him and it's even possible to read His book about Him but never spend time with Him.

Of course it's different than going to anyone else's house to spend time and be with them.

Jesus doesn't have a house like other people.

We can't just drive to a place, to His place I mean, we can drive to any place actually.

But He doesn't have a specific location like most people do.

He's not on our contact list so we can't use our phone to tell Him we're coming to Him.

Yes it's different in some ways.

But why don't we realize we have to meet Him and be with Him like any other relationship we have?

Imagine you dont talk or see someone for years and then you're telling others, "This person is my closest friend, we talk everyday, I know almost everything about him."

And you finally meet the person and he says, "What are you talking about? I barely know this person, Who are you?"

He is always calling us:

Come over.

Spend time with Me.

Let's meet.

But the sad part is, that's the last thing we want to do.

And then we have boldness to say we know Him and love Him?

I think before we can go and tell others about Him we should see if we really know Him in the first place.

You can go to the whole world telling people about the President of some country and how much he loves you and how good a person he is but when the President finds out he's going say I never met this person in my life, I don't even know who he is!

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 Re: Who is Jesus?

"You have become weary of Me!" Isaiah 43:22

What a solemn charge is here! And yet who can plead, 'Not guilty'?

To be wearied of man--weak, vain, fickle, changing man--is no wonder; but to be weary of God is truly astonishing! How does this charge set forth the deep and awful depravity of human nature. Yet you yourself have known times when you have felt, and manifested this weariness!

Note your too frequent neglect of public worship; or your deadness, indifference, or wanderings therein!

Note your backwardness to draw near to God in private; or the short time which satisfies you to be found upon your knees before Him!

Note your seldom opened Bible, or the lack of interest in its contents; the reluctance with which you sometimes take it up, and the readiness with which you lay it down!

Surely these things, rightly interpreted, say, "You have become weary of Me!"

If your weariness arises from physical weakness--it is infirmity.
But if weariness arises from disinclination--it is a shameful sin! And can it be, that we have been weary of our God . . .

whom angels always delight to obey;
whose service is perfect freedom,
whose smile is Heaven--and whose frown is Hell?

Oh yes--we have too frequently been weary of God!
Let us confess it with shame, contrition, and remorse!
Let us not attempt to excuse so fearful a crime--but let us come afresh to that precious blood which cleanses from all sin.

One hope remains--yes, there I'll cling;
I'll crouch beneath my Savior's wing!
I'll clasp His cross; and kneeling there,
Even me, redeeming love may spare!

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