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i'm having trouble in forgiving my mother and little sister a preacher was talking on the radio this morning about forgiving said if you are mental are physcall abuse then you can stay away that god knows what is going on and to walk away. my problem is my mother never cared about me and two of my other sister she has put us down sent me off with a guy thats been in and out of prison on drugs at 13 years old i was doing every kind of drug that hit the street she would give me and my other sister achol when we were 5 and 6 so she could sleep with this man while we were knocked out when we get home we could'nt tell [ who we thought was are stepdad] what was going on. but one time my sister did'nt go to sleep and watch her have sex in the frount seat of the car. she got pregant and had my other sister then they got married, we moved to nc to find his family when we moved here thats when she left my stepdad and started seeing his nephew i did not like that and she new it so in and out of jail i beged to go live with my g-ma she told me and the judge my g-ma did not want me so she sent me off with his brother the one in and out of jail i was on drugs i never herd of before in a state far from home so lost hurt did'nt know what i did wrong. leave with people did'nt no. to make a long story short i came back after i was 25 years old i tryed forgiving her and thought i did until my little sister started sleeping with a married man with small child and then locked him up for messing with a minor she was 14 going on 15 looked older then she was when i told her what was going on she said i was jealous so she kept letting her go of with the guy, brought back memories that when the cops found me at 12 years old no clothes on when someone tryed to rape me she told the cops i deserved it. thats when things stared thinking about my past. now my little sister is hurting her kids and i pray that god will spare my nicnesand nephews from the pain i endured. please help me to understand what i am supposed to do. i no jesus died on the cross for are sins and i no he went thourgh way more pain then i will ever no. i need so many prays to help me understand what i need to do for me and my faimly.

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 Re: forgiveness

I don't know if this will help but there's a good message by Keith Daniel here at SI titled, "Don't let the past cripple your future". I'm not at all implying this is what you're doin, but I myself just listened to it again... Maybe that might shed some light on a few things.
Only Christ can heal us when we cast all our burdens and cares upon Him.


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thank you , i will be sure to listen and i will keep praying for all of us.

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 Re: forgiveness

I am very sorry for much that you have experienced and shared. Many (all) know personally about such hurts, maybe not so pilled on as you share. It is a fallen world we live in, with blind, hardened, selfish, starving people. Some just do not have, cannot come up with enough to share comfort with others, or make good decisions for themselves or others. They just are not able in very obvious ways. Most of us are not able in more subtle ways.

I am praying for you. Whatever else is said, you are alive. You got enough food and shelter. Thank you God. And I am thanking God for your tender heart. and that He gives rest for the weary and how faithful He is to grow us. and that He enables you to intercede for your nieces and nephews and be flesh and blood for them, one who understands what it is to experience pain. And that He gives you wisdom and direction.

You may be the only member of your family who really knows what you know about Jesus, the only one who can keep their eyes on Jesus.

"The eternal God [is thy] refuge, and underneath [are] the everlasting arms:" -- Now that is real support!

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