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 I want to stop backsliding

I need help my friends. This walk with Christ is my life and I know it is. But for some reason I just feel this weight over me that causes me to have no intrest in God or myself. I'm lazy and non-chelont about life. It has caused the ruin of my marriage, finances and everything else. WHAT DO I DO!!! Everyone keeps telling me "read your Word", "Pray" but these are things that I struggle with, that I'm lazy about!! How do I get over this hump? How do I press in? AM I inder attack? Do I need demons cast out of me? what's going on? IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WITH VIABLE SPIRIT LEAD ANSWERS?

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 Re: I want to stop backsliding

My dear friend,

i want to incurrage you to watch the sermons from Paul washer "Shoking youth message". and "The greatest words in scripture"

After that give me a feedback....

In love


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 Re: I want to stop backsliding

No one will do it for you. I think perhaps no one will answer the question for you either. Someone once asked 'how do I seek God?' There is no answer - you just seek God!! You find your way. . .you make yourself suffer and pay the price of seeking Him.

If you're interested in God then you need to just act on what you already know of seeking Him. Bring it all to Him - bring the laziness, the lack of desire after Him. . .tell Him exactly how it is. . .tell Him you don't know what's in your heart that means you're behind this hump. . .

Don't wait on people to shed light on the issues for you and point you in a direction. . .pioneer out after God.

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At one point in life I found myself struggling with a similar spiritual malaise. So often I tried to drum up personal spiritual fervor for Jesus, and so often I would fall once again into apathy and failure.

Then one day I just confessed it all to God and told him that I had no desire for His word, I had no desire for spiritual things, and I hated it. I just honestly confessed my sin to him, and asked Him for help in fixing the problem. He did. The problem we have in these situations is that we think we need to "prove ourselves." We need to earn our way back into God's good graces. "Having begun in the spirit are you now made perfect by the flesh?" One of the single most debilitating roadblocks to personal spiritual growth is trying to earn the grace of God post justification.

"God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

I would begin by confessing your weakness to God, be completely honest with him. Ask in faith for grace now in the same way you asked for grace when you first knew him. Continue to walk in that reception of grace. Don't be prideful and think that you can become "less lazy" by your own merits. Embrace your laziness, and ask Jesus to be "not lazy" through you. This is faith brother.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: I want to stop backsliding

As I read your post I get the sense you may have unrepented sin your life because you say,"I'm lazy and non-chelont about life. It has caused the ruin of my marriage, finances and everything else." Perhaps the solution may be found in Matthew 5:23-24:“Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering."

Think about it. God bless you.

BTW, I agree 100% with Jeremiah's post...he gave you excellent advice. I have found it to be true as he said. Now you have two witnesses of something - perhaps that should teach a body something?

Sandra Miller

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 Re: I want to stop backsliding


Have you ever heard the Gospel? I'm not trying to be need to hear the Gospel.

If want, go to this site on you tube and be encouraged; Malcolm Smith Webinars


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 Re: I want to stop backsliding


Here is my suggestion. If you are desperate enough that you want to keep from backslidding and you find you cannot go to God by yourself in prayer then you need to find a pastor of a church to be face to face with. Chances are nothing anyone on this board says will do much for you if you will do put forth your heart to meet these words at the same time.

If you are hungry enough and want help bad enough you will seek out a pastor or another person to help you in person or over the phone. Otherwise you are just fooling yourself and you are not being honest with yourself.


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 Re: I want to stop backsliding

"I'm lazy and non-chelont about life."

This may be where you find the reasons for having "no interest in God or your life".

Living in the monster of this world naturally causes an indifferent, hopeless attitude since every day you see all the evil around you affecting you and everyone else. You think it should all change but are overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all and then go hide away thinking you are so insignificant and useless to do anything, and wonder why God isn't changing everything yet either.

What I advise is you need to go and start doing rather than moping and worrying. When Jesus healed 10 lepers do you remember that only 1 returned to thank Him, but that did not stop Jesus from doing good things for others. He rains on the just and the unjust until the day of judgment.

What may help you also is to know that God has enabled you (if you are truly a believer in His atonement and His words found in the Bible) to actually affect other people's lives for good despite the hopelessness that is the natural feeling which goes against this.

Stop pondering your present hopeless feelings and the overwhelming magnitude of the evil all around in this world, and instead find things and ways that you can go out of your house and help other people even in the most simple way.

In giving what God has given to you to others you will find a reason to live again and a purpose to direct you for your future for the few years God may allow you to live on.

Many examples, commands, doctrines, directions are in the Bible free for you to read anytime. But the problem for many is not that they do not "know" the bible and its doctrines, they don't "do" the Bible as it were. You have to do what you know, because knowing is not enough. So go and do what you know. You don't have to "know" everything, in order to "do" something.

Also if you are truly a saved believer you cannot be demon possessed, but that does not mean you are still not free to give into your sinful nature or ideas from demons who still wish to affect your life so that you can then stay in a hopeless useless state where your life is not a threat to their agenda.

Once you start going out and finding more things to do to help other people physically and spiritually, you will become more and more disrespected by the masses, but you will also become more and more appreciated and respected by the few, and it is those few who you will remind yourself of all the time, those are the ones you will regain some more hope for living in. Seeing hope will give you hope, but you won't see hope unless you start giving more of your life to others in need.

"DO" ideas could be to volunteer or start a charity or Bible study, offer help to elderly or fatherless children, learn ways to share the Bible's commands with others, think of all skills and abilities you could give to help those more in need, etc.

Other things which may help is moving from your current environment, the monster of many areas or cities can bring to utter depression and indifference even the most strong Christian, do not underestimate what the lust and fear of wanting to live a western lifestyle can have on you physically and emotionally and spiritually.

If you can't escape a tormenting environment at this time, then a daily escape to a park or to visit Godly trusted friends can help bring you back to the hope filled state you can be restored to with God's mercy.

Lastly, beware of giving into any paranoia initiated into you from the words of heretics on so called Christian forums, most of which are filled with the most deranged heretics and dangerous statements that could ever affect your life if you give any heed to them.

Don't make things complicated for yourself, the examples and commands for life and eternity are found in the Bible, common sense reminds you of the rest. Go out and just go, along the way somewhere you will learn more and more as you do.

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