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 Mortification and the Blood of Jesus Christ

A revelatory understanding of the blood of Jesus Christ goes hand-in-hand with the power to mortify. If we do not understand the totality of the forgiveness, cleansing and subsequent justification afforded us by the blood when we confess our sins, the powers of darkness can easily drag us back down into pits of despair after each failure. Dear saint, do you know the extent of God’s unspeakable love for you as manifested through the blood of His Son?

It is true that such love cannot be comprehended in our mortal, corruptible minds. On clear nights I’ll sometimes gaze up into the immense void and try to think of God’s compassion for human beings. As I stare into the face of the dark universe, I'll often become overwhelmed by my pathetic finiteness, my littleness, my miserable attempts at trying to understand the logic behind the mind and ways of God. To think that the Almighty Creator would manifest Himself upon this miniscule rock in space to atone for our sin is enough to cause tears to flow, but such thoughts only prove to be an antechamber to an even greater profundity that begs my attention: God's amazing love and compassion for sinful men like me.

In the past, I'd often doubted God’s love for me in light of my sin and failure; I doubted the efficacy of power in the blood of Christ to utterly cleanse and restore me to perfection. Because of this, I found that if Satan detects even the slightest doubt in your faith regarding the power of Christ’s blood and the breadth of God's love, he will torment you ruthlessly. He will badger you with ideas of your uselessness to God, of the hopelessness for victory, and of the futility of Christianity. He will make you doubt your birthright and distort the image of God to such a degree as to make Him seem like a hideous tyrant. Ever increasingly will the rulers of darkness be steering your thoughts toward an abandonment of religion. Atheism, at last, is the grand fruit of this pathway, and its course begins at the inception of disbelief in God’s love to the dismissal of Christ’s blood.

Faith in the restorative power of the blood of Christ is absolutely essential to the mortifying saint. This is because there will always be failure while we don this fleshly tabernacle on earth. There will always be surprise outbursts, secret thoughts, hasty words, and tainted motives which escaped immediate captivity to Christ and now require cleansing. We are all in a process of being perfected unto Christ-conformity, and so there will forever be room to repent for things we’ve done and things we haven’t done. This is where an understanding of Christ’s blood is integral for mortification to flourish unto our perfection and growth in grace.

Dear saint, if you sin, do not allow Satan the ability to distort God’s true feelings for you. Realize that, even as you fail, God's love for you still never changes. God’s love for you is more righteous, more just, more compassionate, and infinitely deeper and higher than the purest act of human love can muster in comparison. Hear this, then, and never doubt it: The Lord loves you more deeply than any mother ever loved her child; He has infinitely more compassion for you than the finest example of compassion was ever displayed; He pities you with nurturing gentleness and wills the perfect, absolute good for you at all times.

Remember these true descriptions of God as you mortify flesh. Though He gives you His Spirit of holiness, He yet loves you unchangably and always seeks to restore you to peace and perfection after your most grievous failures. His love, His Spirit woos you back to the holy blood, back to the precious blood of God the Son, to an Immortal Testament of His love for you. Dear saint, God is loving you from within the boundless realms of eternity, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, His Spirit by the blood indwelling us and inspiring us to immediately confess and repent from each occurring impulse of unchristlikeness conceived in our flesh. From the unapproachable portals of bliss to our flesh-tabernacled spirits on earth, the blood of Christ endlessly flows and pardons and pleads on our behalf, while the Holy Spirit confirms within us our positions of God’s beloved children in Christ. We must minute-by-minute receive by faith this love which extends out to us from the Blessed Abode.

O, dear saint, pray that God open your eyes to this life-transforming truth. Ask Him to show you His love by the blood of Christ. Understand and accept that you are a flesh-tabernacled mortal, called to mortify all unchristlikeness in your thoughts, speech and actions. Learn to walk steadily in the Holy Spirit with your mind renewed in Christ and its affections trained upon His beauty and goodness. Abide each second of the day by faith in the sin-cleansing and peace-restoring blood of Jesus Christ, and let all your mortification be done concurrently in this realm.

- Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2012/1/4 7:53Profile

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