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 Children becoming 'addicted' to computers

Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, said young people’s reading and conversational skills were being put at risk by overexposure to modern technology.

He said parents should resist buying sons and daughters a smartphone until they are at least 15 and limit computer use to an hour or two a day.
Mr Lenon, the former headmaster of Harrow School, also called for the greater use of multiple choice questions in exams, saying they were an effective method of covering more of the syllabus and less susceptible to marking errors. ...

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 Re: Children becoming 'addicted' to computers

Many grandparents are appalled when they see young children walking around with phones 'glued' to their ears!

I am also alarmed at the availability of electronics for children in the form of games. From a very young age they are being entertained by electronic gizmos and never do develop their creativity that results from having to make do because of lack of resources to buy ready-made toys, etc.

Addiction? It is not just children, it is adults as well! Now this gets worse because they should know better but don't! I have a sister-in-law who allowed her blackberry to interfere with her family, social life. True, there were other problems but she allowed her imagination to be fueled artificially by instant gratification that came from electronic communications.

It really rattles me when you are in a group of people where someone will be constantly on the phone and not be 'with' the group. Some will text while even in worship service...The bottom line is the devil will use anything, everything to distract people from knowing the LORD.

Excessive electronic use interferes with original thinking that fuels creativity, interferes in human relationships, stifles communications between people, and kills time. We are called to redeem time, not kill it.

Yes, I agree with Barnaby Lenon.

Sandra Miller

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