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 Let me find my destiny in 2012! Will you pray for me?

Lord, let me find my destiny this year, that's my prayer:

"Booth soon realised he had found his destiny, and later in 1865 he and his wife Catherine opened 'The Christian Revival Society' in the East End of London, where they held meetings every evening and on Sundays, to share the repentance that salvation can bring through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to the poorest and most needy, including alcoholics, criminals and prostitutes. The Christian Revival Society was later renamed The Christian Mission."

Please pray for my wife and I, it's a very simple prayer "Lord, please let them find their destiny... Amen"

Thank you so much!

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 Re: Let me find my destiny in 2012! Will you pray for me?

Dear learjet,
By "destiny", do you mean "will of God"?


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 Re: Let me find my destiny in 2012! Will you pray for me?

Earl: Over my years walking with the Lord I have found this to be true. Often there is a realization of a calling. It springs from a direct word from the Lord or from a strong desire in your heart to do a particular thing for Him. Then there is a period of preparation. Don't hurry this time. There are things that God needs to do deep within your heart that are necessary for the destiny that He is calling you to fulfill for His kingdom. Then there is a walking into that calling. This is what I have found. Walk TODAY in the center of His will for you TODAY. Do the same thing tomorrow. Every tomorrow leads to another and in time you will find yourself walking into the ultimate destiny or calling that He has for your life. But don't forget that He has a calling for you TODAY that is just as important if not more so than the destiny down the road, for today prepares you for tomorrow and if the preparation does not happen you are bound to make a real mess of tomorrow. Wait on your calling by fulfilling His will today and preparing for that destiny in any way you can, primarily through prayer and preparation in the Word.
Hope that helps. I am praying now that God will reveal His will to you and lead you into it.


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I join you in this prayer, Brother...

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Praying that your steps are guided (and ordered) of Him.


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