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 The Downfall of Saddam Hussein - 2003 by David Wilkerson

The Downfall of Saddam Hussein by David Wilkerson

Scripture(s): Esther 3:12-13

A timely reminder of the Lord's leading and purpose in Iraq through US forces. This is a good reminder of how God warns beforehand, speaking clearly about His purpose to those who will hear His voice.

May we have ears to hear His other servants who warn of other threats.

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 Re: The Downfall of Saddam Hussein - 2003 by David Wilkerson

Hi Jeremy,
David Wilkerson was and is one of the finest.
I Agree with Pastor Wilkerson on some of his Sermon and disagree with other points.
.Iraq was a defeated nation at this point and was on his knees and in reality was no serious threat to Israel
.Saddam compared to some Arab leaders would rank down the list of Israel haters;well down the list if you compare to the present Iranian leaders
.Saddam needed to keep the pretense of having weapons of Mass Distruction at this time to ward of the other countries such as Iran and Turkey but in reality all his weapons were gone at this stage
.Saddam had plenty opportunity to bomb Israel with a biochemical weapon but did not.
.Compared to most Arab state leaders Saddam didnt care about Islam but only started using Islam to harness support
.Pastor Wilkerson said that Saddam would have a change of heart and he did not.
On the other hand
.God most likely did send the US in to finish of Saddam and used America as a rod
.This was a major move by God that changed the middle east.
.God may have been judging Iraq because they launched scud missiles at Israel
.It is more likely that the second gulf war was about bringing judgement on Iran and if you substituted Iraq for Iran in this sermon it would be spot on.
.All his scriptures he qouted on how God uses one nation to judge another for how they deal with Israel are spot on
.What he says about the US leaders giving God the glory or he will humble them

My worry about this sermon is about what Pastor David got wrong in his analysis of Iraq and although I could listen to David Wilkerson all day and night but if we we are being honest not all that he says about Iraq in 2003 stands up
Yours Staff

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