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Hemel Hempstead

 Christmas without Christ

With the general mildew with the cancellation of Services because of Christmas is on Sunday. Christmas even thou is not Jesus birthday is a perfect example to share the Gospel with our nearest and dearest. A short window in which people may listen.
from Presents with Gospel Meanings to everything that we eat.
Jesus would have been born at the feast of tabernacles from the timing of John the baptists birth.
I find christmas the most ungodly time of the year compared to Halloween which is the most demonic. Good food makes us forget the one who provided it and closed hearted relatives who do not want to listen to the Gospel and waiting desperatly to be in fellowship with Christians.
As it seems a sheer two weeks before everything getting back to normal. The greed of people increasing by the year.
People get drunk to hide lonelyness or other feeling or because they have no family. Homeless People and others it is litural hell or those alone. Spouses who have lost loved ones or People with Relatives in hospital.
the Bible permits feasting as the Bible has alot of Feasts.
Christmas in the secular world Christ still has no room in the inn or the church, is christ still knocking on the door of his church and is he knocking on the door of even my heart to come in. My heart screams for Cousins, Aunts and Auncles, Grandmas and Family Relatives who do not know Jesus.
I find breaking through in conversation trying to break through a brick wall. Oh I long to speak about jesus at the Christmas table with Turkey with my unbelieving relatives and them not change the conversation to something else and conviction of sin
Is Christmas without Christ

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Christmas without Christ

"You cannot spell Christmas without Christ."

If you take Christ out of Christmas, you just have a mess.

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.


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hi, nobody wants to be with a negative person ever and at christmas never ever... we celebrate the incarnation, which is the greatest miracle in the bible on dec. 25... thats when God,before the foundation of the earth desided to send His son.LOL surely it was at the feast of tabernacles when Jesus was born but so what? it is a wonderful time to share the true gospel story to the lost. i am so glad i do not worry about everyone elses problems, for i have enough on my own plate.merry christmas everyone.jimp

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