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 A Letter to Her Dad from Bonnie Wilkerson


I thought that this would be a blessing for you, as much as I hate to copy and paste things in their entirety there is no way that I can link to this post because it was on Facebook, enjoy:

This letter is from Bonnie Wilkerson to David Wilkerson in glory:

A Letter To My Dad....You now have eternity to learn some not blowing your nose on a nice cloth napkin at a nice restaurant. Jesus, please teach him to laugh a lot. Belly laugh. Teach him to catch a fish and ride the clouds, since he never liked to fly. Dad....I remember when you used to wear white shoe and white pants ALL THE TIME! Those were Pat Boone days. Mom had to keep those clean. I really hated that you suffered in the accident. I WILL get over it someday. I haven't been able to open your Bible you left to me. Too hard. You can understand that. I am so happy you don't have to worry about your wife, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. You had precious friends that really loved you. Paul and Sonia Dilena, Pat and Dick, Barry and Karen, Dr. Rice and Berneita. Barb misses you. Bettina and Suansee. Pastor Carter and Teresa. Timmy Dilena....Rick and Kim Hagans. You were so loved.

I miss your voice. I loved how you said 'GOD' ....'GAWWWWWD'. A little NYC accent. NYC was YOU! It was your heart and passion. You spoiled me but not rotten. You gave me a giving, tender heart for people. I have no idea what you are doing. I have no idea about heaven. God didn't write a lot about it. Heaven is no longer just a song to sing about anymore. Did you touch the nail scarred hands and get to talk to Jesus everyday. I have no idea how it works. But you are in JOY mode for eternity. You have no cares, don't have to try hard to sleep. You were a terrible sleeper. You always had your mind turning and turning.

I will open your Bible someday soon. My relationship with God has been really tested. Pray for me daddy! I know I love God so deeply but please tell him for me that I need some extra angels this Christmas. Enjoy your first Christmas with Jesus. Hang the star ornaments throughout space and time. Run through the fields with Tiffany. Laugh hard with Paul Dilena. Have Moses show him the staff that parted the Red Sea.

We are taking care of the love of your life.....Mom. She misses you and she is tapping into God's strength. This Christmas when it is time for the Christmas prayer....which was always YOUR job,,,,we will try so very hard to experience the JOY of Christ. It hurts, I miss you. Love from your Bonnie Kay!

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 Re: A Letter to Her Dad from Bonnie Wilkerson

Thank-you so much for posting this.
I still miss Brother Dave a lot, and I didn't have the privledge of meeting him on this side, but I met the Jesus he served through his preaching and the life he lived for our Lord and Savior.
I pray that God will hold all of the Wilkinson family close this Holiday season.
In Jesus Name.

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 Re: A Letter to Her Dad from Bonnie Wilkerson

After a wayward season from the Lord, God used David Wilkerson's sermons to begin drawing me back to Him. What a life!! What a standard of service to God!

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Thank you for that post :)

Wish I could love on her myself and tell her what a blessing her Dad was to me too. i wonder if it was hard to have to share him w/ so many that loved him so. what a sacrifice, my prayers will go out to her and hers.

But I will love on her thru prayer. As well as the family.

Her Dad is to me my own spiritual Dad as it was he who brought me to Christ in my adult life in such a deep way thru a book "Set the trumpet to thy mouth" an eye popping, sin revealing, love admonition to america and christians as I seem to recall.. I was 22 or 23. 49 now would like to read it again someday.

Again, thanks for the post.

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