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 Very disturbing footage from North Korea

[url=]North Korean footage[/url]

The above will take you to a five minute clip from a larger 90 minute tape from North Korea.

"We’ve seen pictures of emaciated North Korean babies starving
to death, which alone were appalling enough. While the images
are still vivid in our memories, here are more photographs that
speak louder than words about the harsh reality of conditions in
North Korea.
These photos are still cuts from a 90-minute videotape that
Japan’s Nippon Television Network first obtained. Allegedly
filmed by a North Korean army officer, who reportedly said he
wanted to “show the suffering of the North Korean people,” the
videotape vividly captures scenes of the city of Cheongjin, capital
of North Hamgyeong province, not far from the Chinese border.
The JoongAng Ilbo received a copy of the tape from the TV network,
and the first few images appeared in yesterday’s JoongAng
Daily. Today’s photos show children with unfocused eyes smoking
cigarettes, rummaging in a waste bin in a desperate search for something
to eat or just too feeble to stand up. The number of such beggar
boys has increased so substantially after years of economic crisis
that they have earned the nickname of kkotjebi, or flower swallows,
which does not quite befit their ragged look.
You may not want to believe what you are seeing. But this is not
fiction, from which you can easily avert your eyes. This is what is
happening in the northern part of the peninsula".

[url=]More photos[/url]

So please pray for the embryonic church in North Korea, and please pray for those laborer's that the Lord is crafting to go to North Korea.

If you wish to get involved you might want to check out:


 2005/1/13 16:05

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Very disturbing footage from North Korea

Didn't want this to drop out of sight, off the main page.

Truly evil dwells in the hearts of men.

Mike Balog

 2005/1/14 10:33Profile

 please pray some more saints

I wanted to bring this post up again, so that we may continue to intercede for the embryonic church in North Korea. may we be poured out like drink offerings!

 2005/2/5 14:30

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 Re: please pray some more saints

Thanks Neil,

The Christian movement in Korea actually started in what is now North Korea. There is an excellent book that you can pick up from the Voice of Martyrs that details the incredible persecution there.

Let's keep them in our prayers.

Ed Pugh

 2005/2/5 14:43Profile

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Thankyou Neil,

These pictures reminded me of the stories my wife tells me of some of the children that attend school with my children. The children have parents who are crystal meth addicts. And I know that this is not uncommon throughout the U.S. In fact it has become a crisis in some regions of the U.S.

We do not have to look far to find evil.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2005/2/8 10:57Profile

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