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 Pat Robertson Criticized for Suggesting Homosexuals Can Change

Pat Robertson, often criticized for his sometimes controversial viewpoints and seemingly off-the-cuff comments, has ruffled more feathers with his suggestion to a Christian father that his son was not born gay and could be free of homosexuality.

Robertson's statements came during the "Bring It On" segment of Wednesday's airing of the "The 700 Club," in which co-host Kristi Watts read questions from viewers of the program.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Pat Robertson Criticized for Suggesting Homosexuals Can Change

Good on ya Pat Robertson!

Matthew Guldner

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that is what the homosexual community needs to hear, sorry i didn't get to read the link, but i know this more than anything that the homosexual community needs to know not just the love of Christians, but their is a savior who came to deliver them from the power of sin in their life of bondage. Christ came to deliver them, i use to struggle with homosexual feelings when i was younger, i knew it was wrong and didn't like my struggle,but when Christ came into my life 8 years ago that was one thing that he delivered me from and gave me power over praise God. As someone experienced the struggle i strongly believe it is definitely a spiritual issue. Lets speak to the homosexual community in love and in truth, not as if their some strange person completely different and worse than the whole world and reach them about the power of Christ to deliver them from homosexuality, i always say this, their are two sides you often see of christianity a lot when speaking of this topic. 1. Is the ones holding signs of God's hatred towards homosexuals and how they are going to hell and all you see is hate towards them. Then you see those also who show that we are suppose to be acccepting and loving to them, but never confront the act of homosexuality as sinful and wrong and justify many in the act sadly. We need to pray for both groups myself included. But i think the biblical basis would probably be to love them as you would love anyone else who was not a believer or who was a believer, and at the sametime reach them of the truth of the gospel and the power of Christ to deliver them not just from homosexuality, but their sin all together, because their problem is not just not homosexuality, but their sinful nature and their whole being. They need to be saved of their sin and be born again to have new natures. Maybe i am wrong here, but we need to speak in love and in truth, never not speak to anyone without love which i have failed to do myself, and also never not speak the truth of God's word including condemning homosexuality as a sin, yes a terrible sin.

John Beechy

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