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 N. Korea

Kim Jong-Il

You've already heard the news and are probably asking yourself, "What can I do for the people locked inside North Korea?"

With the passing of North Korea's Kim Jong-Il, its inhabitants, family members around the world and neighboring countries are living in the fear of uncertainty. And because only God knows what will happen next, we can meet Him in prayer.

Please pray that:

The new leader, Kim Jong-Un, will have a heart of mercy and end the cycle of inhumane dictatorial rule.
Those in government who have been "secret Christians" will gain more power and influence.
Christians who have been imprisoned because of their faith will have opportunities to lead others in prayers. And while they pray the Holy Spirit will be revealed to those who don't know Jesus.
There will be an increase in opportunities to share about Jesus without fear of retaliation.
The joy and hope of Jesus will be revealed to those who are sorrowful and feel uncertain of the future.
North Korean Christians will gain a new boldness and wisdom and will seize opportunities to tell others about the Christmas story of Jesus' birth.
On Christmas day especially, the light of Christ will penetrate every home and heart in North Korea.
Refugees who have fled into China and become Christian will courageously return to North Korea and share the hope of Jesus to a hurting nation.
The horrendous situation with starvation will not escalate even further because of the government's desire to demonstrate control.
The thousands of starving children who are homeless will find shelter, comfort and love in a home with a believer.

Along with your prayers, please stay informed through Open Doors media releases that will be posted in our blog, Facebook, Twitter, website and Weekly Prayer Alerts.

Please pray with me and the entire Open Doors family that God will flood North Korea with His grace and peace in a manner that changes this country for His glory, forever. Just as He changed the world on the holiest of nights when Christ was born.

In Christ alone,

Carl Moeller
Open Doors USA

 2011/12/19 19:14Profile

 Re: N. Korea

its no use......God has decided, not only for them, but for the whole world.

a deep and through prayerful study of the Prophets, humbly i implore, would be of great profit to any follower of Messiah Jesus at this time.

sometimes the LORD says, 'enough is enough'....yes, restoration is always there, but first the judgement, and its a coming. i love you all with Jesus' love, neil

 2011/12/19 20:08

 Re: Neil

Brother what are you saying in your post?. Are you saying we should not pray for the persecuted church in N. Korea.


 2011/12/20 16:11

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