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 Is Scripture Memory Important?

Does anyone believe scripture memory to be important? Is it better to memorize individual verses or books of the Bible? Is there any blessing to memorizing scripture

Blaine Scogin.

 2011/12/18 16:49

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Is Scripture Memory Important?

Dear brother,

Tremendous topic. I believe it is essential. The best way the Spirit has ministered the word of God to me over the years has been in very slowly reading and meditating on the word and this happens much when you are memorizing scripture. We need to have a love for the Scriptures that those in South Korea are who are memorizing entire books believing persecution is coming.

I believe we are in the same need in North America.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Here's a thread you might find interesting:

The topic is memorizing entire chapters from the Bible.

Paul Frederick West

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Northern Idaho

 Re: Is Scripture Memory Important?

I remember reading of a brother in Eretria imprisoned for his faith. He wrote scripture on any scrap of paper he could get a hold of. He had them for himself and to share with others imprisoned with him both as encouragement and for sharing the gospel.

I have a friend who was a missionary to India for many years. Storying is an important way of sharing the Word with those with a mostly oral culture. For that you must know the scripture to accurately share and question.

Our Lord had it memorized and used it not only to testify but also to rebuke satan. The apostles quoted it. It is the "sword of the Spirit."

So I guess my question would be ~ Why on earth would you not memorize it?

Be blessed brother.

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New York

 Re: Is Scripture Memory Important?

SHMILY wrote: "So I guess my question would be ~ Why on earth would you not memorize it?"

I believe it is of great value to memorize the Bible (provided one also understands each verse in the context that God intended).

My problem that inhibits my ability to memorize the scriptures is the stroke I had in September 2005. It affected my ability to remember or recall, causes me to get sleepy at varying times of the day, and my mind breaks down when trying to coordinate several memories or lines of thought at the same time, particularly if they be complicated.

I depend on Biblical software that allows me to look up and search for Bible verses that I'm trying to recall and organize into a cohesive train of thought or doctrine. I depend heavily on the Holy Spirit's guidance and on prayer.

Arthur Biele

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Blaine, I doubt that I can add anything to the wisdom you already possess in this matter. Still, I offer some reflections – which I know is nothing new to you.

Does anyone believe scripture memory to be important?

I can’t imagine anyone (at least in theory) saying no. Still people’s actual practice might be the better judge of their views on this matter.

We would not wish to overlook the religious leaders in Jesus day who had vast amounts of scripture memorized. It was important to them – but that was no guarantee of faith and comprehension. Conversely, Jesus encountered those with very little memorized, who nevertheless were enabled to grasp the deepest essence of the gospel. As you have noted elsewhere, the Holy Spirit is quite capable of revealing truth.

In my early adulthood I memorized the verses in the Navigators Scripture memory packets. I highlighted all those verses in my bible. Since those years I have been reflecting on them as they are in their context. That has enhanced, and even changed my understanding of them. I’m grateful I did all that memory work, because now my capacity to memorize is dismal. But surely that doesn’t mean that my ability to integrate those truths has deteriorated. (Hopefully that has been improving!)

Is it better to memorize individual verses or books of the Bible?

I wonder why there would be a need to put one over and against the other? Surely there are times and seasons for either. Or maybe there are times to focus on exegetical study instead.

Is there any blessing to memorizing scripture?

Again, I can hardly imagine this not to be the case! But again, we could not overlook those in Jesus’ day who, despite having memorized copious scriptures, missed the greatest blessing to humanity.

Of course, it is possible that in the future we will be imprisoned for our faith, and then we may be grateful for our memory work. Still, TODAY we need scripture to be working in us – at every moment. In the end it’s not the quantity of our memorized verses that will sustain us: It’s our our dear Lord who has promised to provide all we need to lead a godly life. We cling to him ultimately, and seek him to embed his truths in our hearts.

Having said that, I admit, I am a strong advocate of scripture memory. As long as God gives us the capacity and opportunity – it behooves us to act on that gift.

May God indeed bless you (and many others) through your diligent attention to scripture memory!



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Brumley Missouri

 Re: Is Scripture Memory Important?

Yes, I believe scripture memorization is important and does have many blessings. Have you ever seen Jack Van Impe?

They call him the walking bible.

I personally do not do much scripture memorization as much as I read and study the word of God. I try to read a book of the bible every three days when I read the new testament. The old testament maybe a book a every 7 days.

William Cato

 2011/12/18 23:08Profile

 Re: Paul West

Brother thank you for sharing the link on memorizing entire chapters of the Bible. The thread was a blessing and a treasure packed with good ideas. It has encouraged ne to get back into scripture memory.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/12/18 23:32

 Re: All

Last night one of our intercessors shared a posting from Open Doors. The post shared a story of a young woman from N. Korea who escaped to China to find food. She found Christ in China and was discipled in the word. She began to have a desire to return to N. Korea and share Jesus. Knowing her Bible would be taken from her she memorized the entire book of Romans so she could share Jesus.

This has touched my spirit. I have been challenged to take up the book of Colossians and memorize it. This precious book speaks of Jesus.

Is anyobe memorizing scripture? What works for you? Does anyone think we should not memorize scripture? I have heard some say believers should not memorize. I am courious as to why?

Dear God, I pray for your word to dwell richly in me in 2012.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/12/18 23:51

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3777


Is anyobe memorizing scripture? What works for you?

I memorized Romans during a 40 day fast; and at other times, I learned other chapters.

Whether I memorize or not, I lay out the content according to grammatical structure – so I could see each thought more clearly.(You'll see me doing that here sometimes.) I also use a color code. I see spiritual concepts in various colors.

Does anyone think we should not memorize scripture? I have heard some say believers should not memorize. I am courious as to why?

There is a justifiable concern about turning people into bible encyclopedias. These are the people who can throw out a verse for any situation – but have never learned to integrate the verses – either in the biblical contexts – or in the Christian life in general. I know people like this. Bible verses can serve as a wall of defense to keep others from getting close to their heart.

Still… as I keep finding myself repeating, I believe there is no need to put one view over and against the other!

PS: Blaine, Do you think my earlier post addresses this reservation regarding scripture memory?



 2011/12/19 7:31Profile

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