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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : David Cameron: the Church must shape our values

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 David Cameron: the Church must shape our values

In a landmark speech on religion, the Prime Minister said that the country had been "unwilling" to "distinguish right from wrong", but warned "moral neutrality is not going to cut it any more".

He said that Britain was at a "pivotal moment" in the wake of the riots and the financial crisis and that the Church must play a central role in reshaping the country.

But, in a coded attack on the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prime Minister warned that the Church must "keep on the agenda that speaks to the whole country". ...

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 2011/12/18 5:15Profile

 Re: David Cameron: the Church must shape our values

he spoke to the "church of england"...hasnt dark history shown us again and again, what happens when 'leaders' join with the paid hirelings of 'national churches', what happens?

do you hear that sound? its the gates of hell creaking open.

do you smell that odor?.....sulfur, and bitumen.

as God is my witness, and the Holy Spirit my Consuler, think i'm wrong?

from their own mouths, come their confusion, as if man can 'legislate morality':

"The Prime Minister said that Christian values were central to Britain and they should be "treasured", including responsibility, hard work, compassion and humility."

i am sick at heart, that empire, like ours, has it hands so full of the blood of innocents, this man should tear his clothes and roll in some ashes, and beg God to have mercy on him.

and he gets out the shovel and digs deeper into confusion about Jesus and His Kingdom:

"The Prime Minister said that faith helped people to "have a moral code" and that it was correct to pass judgment on others."

i wont waste time, reeling off Scripture to refute this, except to say, we ALL shall have a interesting time at the Judgement Seat.

continuing to dig the hole:

"Mr Cameron also disclosed details of his own faith following criticism from Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist, that the Prime Minister is "not really a Christian". "I am a committed – but I have to say vaguely practising – Church of England Christian, who will stand up for the values and principles of my faith," Mr Cameron said. But he added he was "full of doubts" and "constantly grappling" with the big theological issues".

how does one, "vaguely practice"?.....and what is the "Church of England"?...pray now, that we NEVER see an abomination entitled, the "Church of America"...the one thing in the man's credit at least he's semi-transparent, when he admits he's "full of doubts"....but then he goes onto say he's "constantly grappling"...with the 'big theological issues'.

"Abram believed God, and it was credited to him as righteouness" that the "big theological issue"?...or is it "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified"?...or is it that the Blood of Christ cleanses all sin?

those arent "theological issues"! That is LIFE, and when i see 'polticians" amd "priests" missappropriating the Deep Things of God, to garner and attempt to gain 'polis' in the public square, i surely know we are in deep and dark age of confusion, where the 'god of this age' is running amok....

this is just terrible. they have no Fear of God, just children paddling their hands on the water of whatever pond they happen to be near.

 2011/12/18 8:48

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 Re: David Cameron: the Church must shape our values

Here's another news report:

I must say that David Cameron as a nominal Anglican does a better job at defending Christianity than the Archbishop of Canterbury does.

I agree with his basic assessment of the decline of Britain - that (i) there is no longer an absolute moral code; and (ii) the decimation of the family structure. However, both the emphasis on morals and family were once rooted in Christianity, so the real problem can be traced to an abandonment of the Christian faith. It is thus not a political problem so much as a cultural and especially spiritual one.

It is unfortunate that Cameron supports same-sex marriage. He seems to have had gone through a lot, having to deal with the death of his disabled son.

I pray for him from time to time, he might not be far from the truth i.m.o.

 2011/12/18 9:54Profile

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Neil, I understand where you are coming from and I agree with much of what you say and I don't hold any allegience to the CofE.

However I was encourage yesterday when I read what Cameron had said and the fact that he as a member of the CofE challanged it's leader to be more 'biblical' in his teaching sounds good to me. Now I don't think for one minute that Cameron is a biblical christian, but what it does mean is that we can at least appeal to him about biblical issues on the basis of what he has now said. It is my intention to write to either the PM or one of the government regarding this statement and challange them to consider the fact that some of their policies / laws are in direct conflict with the word of God.e.g.Homosexual marriage and undermining the family structure by pushing women out to work by paying them money for child care.

As I said I agree that there is a lot of past wrongs commited by the British nation and establishment churches over the the years (as with every country), but let's not also forget that many Christians from Britain were used greatly in the past to evangelise the world. There was also a period (19th century in partucular) when many godly men who were then part of the Church of England were much used of God. We have fallen a long way from that now.

In the same way, more recently the USA has been greatly used, but it now looks you are also going the same way as Britain.

May God in His mercy raise up a new generation of preachers in Britain and the USA who will delare the uncompromising truth of God's word to a lost society. Too long has the church indulged in itself to the detriment of speaking to a lost world.
We need the Whitfields and Wesleys!


 2011/12/18 11:25Profile

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