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 sermon and/or preacher with you and God

SI provides ALOT of sermons to listeners to be edified in heart and I see many people who are thankful for such a thing.

Do you have any preachers and/or sermons that God really did a change in you to the point which you actually changed the way you do things in your life? I am not talking about having a 'feel good' experience from a devotional thought. I am talking about something that made you get out and do something for others, something maybe where it caused a habit of yours to change. Something that caused some kind of lasting difference in which you can tell someone what God did or caused you to do after listening to whatever sermon or even reading some devotional from a preacher?

If these sermons are of God then God will be using them to change our lives and not just give us 'feel good' feelings.

What is your story?


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