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 Christians and the Holy Spirit

Christians have very interesting beliefs when it comes to the Holy Spirit.

On one hand, many don't believe that He can work supernaturally both in a victorious and empowered Christian life! As result of unbelief, these believers (a little ironic) never ask and so never receive the fullness of life and power which Christ purchased on the cross and the spiritual blessings which God desires all of His children to have. Dear friends, the God of the bible is the same yesterday today and forever! The same God that parted the Red Sea and wrought other signs and wonders in ages past, who set the hearts of the saints of old with a firery passion for the Master and endowed them with power from on High, is the same God who is alive and well today! The Holy Spirit still supernaturally works in the hearts of man to free them completely from the bondage of sin, fill them with life abundant (love, joy, peace etc.) and empower them with boldness and spiritual strength to be a witness for name. This same Holy Spirit still performs forth signs, wonders and miracles to accompany those who believe in Christ!

Now, on the otherhand, there are many Christians who enthusiastically believe with complete faith that God can, still and will move in powerful and miraculous ways! They fervently ask for Him to do great things in their ministry efforts. They ask God for greater experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit and for a greater empowerment of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This is all very good! We must shamelessly approach God and ask of Him of these things!

However, it seems like we forget the name given to the Spirit of God is first HOLY then SPIRIT! It is quite confusing when we ask for more of the Holy Spirit but then refuse to set our lives apart to be Holy. It is like we are sending mixed messages, we ask God for the power and presence of the Spirit but want so little to do with a Holy and consecrated life! We ignore the Holy Spirit living inside of us prompting us of areas in our lives that need to be given over to Him. We say Holy Spirit come fill me! But then refuse to open the doors of our hearts and lives for Him to come and fill!

It is never God who withholds good gifts to His children, the problem always lies with us. We either do not ask or we ask but keep Him from giving in someway shape way or form. In the story of Elisha and the widow, it was not the jug that stopped pouring oil but rather it was the vessels that had run out! (2 Kings 4) In the sameway God is never the one who stops pouring out His blessings to His people, it is always His people who stray and become filled with so much of the world they have no more room for Holy Spirit.

So what can we conclude from all of this?

Let us be very careful to walk the straight and narrow path asking and seeking for all the power and fullness of the Spirit while striving to live a holy life through His power at work within us! Let us not walk too far to the left nor to the right. God has made a way for all His children to walk both in power and purity!

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 Re: Christians and the Holy Spirit

An insightful and encouraging word Brother. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

Be well,

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