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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : 4 Ohio Churches Leave PC(USA) Over Gay Clergy Policy

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 4 Ohio Churches Leave PC(USA) Over Gay Clergy Policy

All four congregations voted overwhelmingly to leave the Miami Valley Presbytery of PC(USA), which is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.

First Presbyterian Church of Greenville was one of the four that left, with 92.3 percent of its congregation voting to disaffiliate with PC(USA).

“We chose to leave the PC(USA) because of theological and governance issues within the PC(USA),” said John Person, pastor of Greenville, to The Christian Post.

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 Re: 4 Ohio Churches Leave PC(USA) Over Gay Clergy Policy

My cousin is a member of one of these congregations. I am so proud of them. Its not an easy thing to simply depart from what has been established over centuries, but this is the challenge that will continually confront the denominational system as it continues to break down and give over to the worldliness that has already invaded its sanctuaries................ brother Frank

 2011/12/10 12:53

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 Re: 4 Ohio Churches Leave PC(USA) Over Gay Clergy Policy

I am happy with this decision and thanks a lot for sharing this.

But in the middle of these I would like to point one thing, God never intended Churches to be under one governing Body. Every Church should be individual Body of Christ and Jesus alone the Head or the only authority they subject to. Since these Churches of modern days submit to other authorities that they call as governing body, they face all these weird scenarios where they need to part from a governing body to whom they submitted will fully.

Let this be an awakening for all Churches.


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Sree writes.........

"God never intended Churches to be under one governing Body"

Yes, agreed. In the first century, there was not multiplicity of elders and deacons in every town, there would be one set of elders. Even in large cities in those days where the population could be in the 100s of thousands, there was still only one set of elders, one church in each town, perhaps meeting at various locations, but one church. Now they did have councils, and we see this in Acts 15, so there was a time and a place where they could come together to discuss important Frank

 2011/12/10 14:29

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"God never intended Churches to be under one governing Body."

I wholeheartedly agree! Growing up in the PAW (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World) i have witnessed first hand over the years how this Organizational system has weakened the resolve of Pastors to cleave to the truths of the Bible over the legislation and influence of an international governing body. If i were ever to become a Pastor, I would keep my congregation autonomous. The politics alone is sickening enough.

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