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 North Korea campaigns against long hair, untidy attire


SEOUL (AFP) - Stalinist North Korea has stepped up its campaign against long hair and untidy attire which its media says represents a "corrupt capitalist" lifestyle, reports said.

North Korean state television, radio and newspapers have led the grooming drive, urging people to cut their hair short and to dress tidily, the BBC said in a dispatch citing broadcasts from Pyongyang.

Men were asked to have crew cuts with hair growing up to five centimeters (two inches) in a twice-a-month visit to the barber, it said.

Not only health and hygiene but also intelligence was cited by the North Korean media as reasons for the crackdown on appearance.

Pyongyang television noted long hair "consumes a great deal of nutrition" and could thus rob the brain of energy, according to the BBC.

But another serious reason came from state radio which said tidy attire "is important in repelling the enemies' maneuvers to infiltrate corrupt capitalist ideas and lifestyle" in North Korea, it said.

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 Re: North Korea campaigns against long hair, untidy attire

Mmmm... Communism--always the big brother at one's elbow, the paternal figure... :) "Good grooming" sounds innocent enough if only we didn't know the horrible things that North Korea has done to it's citizens and Christians over the years. Let's pray that "good grooming" doesn't turn into "you can have only one child or we'll tear your house down" or "worship only at the three-self church" as in China...

I remember helping to translate a contract for foreigners to sign with an schoolin China. Some of the points were ludicrous to western ears "The undersigned will agree to not become pregnant during the duration of the contract", "The undersigned will not discuss political or religious views". I told the school "foreigners will not sign this; it intrudes upon private life." The concept was unimaginable to them. The didn't understand why anyone would expect anything less from their work group than detailing all the aspects of private life.



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