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 Nepal--Buddhists Abuse and Expel Village Christians

Romans 8:15

Buddhists in Nepal expelled a pastor and other believers from their village last week and sexually abused a 6-year-old girl. The Buddhists accused the pastor of bringing a foreign religion to the village and of promoting teachings against society. They also accused Christians in the village of converting others by force and enticing villagers to convert by offering them money. A VOM worker helped resettle the families in another village and connected them with a local church. He also prayed with the family of the girl who was abused. In a separate incident last week, police discovered a crude bomb in front of a Christian organization's office in Kathmandu. The bomb did not detonate and no one was harmed. A pamphlet left by the bombers (allegedly members of the Nepal Defense Army) stated that Nepal should be a Hindu kingdom and that all Christian activities should stop. Area Christians are understandably nervous. Pray that they will trust God in this situation.

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