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 can a person record the audio teachings

Is it possible to record the various audio teachings from this site to a cd for personal use, so that a person could listen to them while driving in there car? How can it be done in a simple way. I don't have a mp3 player just a cd player in my car.
Thanks Ron


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 Re: can a person record the audio teachings


yes all the audio sermons are in mp3 format for free download and you can use them in anyway as long as it is done freely. including copying them to cds for personal use or handing out to people.

Q. How Do you download the audio sermons?
Answer. To download the audio sermons to your desktop simply right click on the sermon titles and choose save target as. A dialogue box will open and rename the sermon file to the title of the sermon and the speaker adding the .mp3 extension on the end of the file. If a .php shows up as the download file simply rename it to .mp3 (or the video extension wmv, mp4, etc) and it will work.

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 Re: can a person record the audio teachings


You can download these files as Greg ("SermonIndex") explained. Then, you will need a computer with a CD-RW (CD rewritable) drive. You simply record it to a blank CD like you would any music.

You will need a blank CD-R disks as well (the "R" stands for Recordable). You can usually buy them in quantities of 25, 30, 50 or 100 (or more). Personally, I prefer CD-R Sony brand -- because I find less "duds" out of them.

In addition, you can purchase more expensive "CD-RW" disks. This allows you to record music or sermons and then use them again later to record something else. I don't like the CD-RW format, because they lose quality over time and blank CD-R disks are much cheaper anyway.

Typically, the mp3 format is the most compatible with CD recording software.

There are plenty of software options available. I typically use Sonic, Roxio and Nero. However, there are other free options as well. Here is a link from CNET for free CD burner software:

*Just remember: You will need something more than just a regular CD drive. It must be a CD burner drive. To determine if you have a CD-RW, you will see the word "REWRITABLE" in small font just below the words "Compact DISC."

Let us know if you have any difficulty!


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