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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

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 Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

New truancy enforcement laws have sparked criminal charges against several homeschool families in Nebraska. A Dawson County Sheriff’s deputy actually threatened to remove one family’s children unless they enrolled them in public school.

The family had recently moved from another state to Nebraska. Believing that Nebraska regulations permitted them to select their own school year without regard to the public school calendar, they had not filed their exemption paperwork.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

While Nebraska needs to loosen up on the laws they have, ultimately it was the responsibility of the family to investigate the laws of the state that they were moving to and make sure they were abiding by the laws and homeschooling legally.

Now, if they disagreed with the laws they had two options: a) abide by the law while trying to get the law changed, or b) dont move to Nebraska.

I dont see this as a case of persecution. The article doesnt really give any specifics about what was in the law that they were breaking, so without that information it's hard to determine if Nebraska is truly "homeschool friendly" or not.

Know the law, live by the law so long as it does not demand that you break God's law... and try to change the law.

By the way, for any homeschoolers reading this... it's foolish to not be members of HSLDA!! It's a wonderful organization, doesnt cost much for a lifetime membership, and you have free legal help (pertaining to homeschooling) 24 hours a day.


 2011/12/6 12:56

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Parents in Texas have found that it is one of the best states in which to home school. The laws are favorable, you'll find lots of support, God Bless Texas!


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Same for North Carolina... excellent state in which to homeschool... God bless Carolina!


 2011/12/6 13:20

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have to agree with Krispy on this one. It is the parents responsibility. When we moved from Nevada which is also very home school friendly I was really surprised to find that CT was as well.

God Bless

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 Re: Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

Missouri is also very favorable to home schooling. I have several friends and a brother and sister-in-law who all home school. The point is well made. There is a freedom in the USA to home school however since we live in a republic of states it a person should do their homework carefully so that they can abide by the regulations of their state.


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