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 “This time I’m not letting go.”

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“Take her furniture, and search the house for Bibles!” said the commanding guard. Tears filled Mrs. Lu Ying’s eyes as she watched four Communist guards ransack her home.

“I found it!” yelled the guard. But just as the guard held out the Bible to give it to his commanding officer, Mrs. Lu Ying bravely grabbed it back from him.
“This book contains all I need to know about my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I do not want to part with it,” she said passionately while holding her Bible close to her chest.
“Take her outside,” yelled the commander. “We’ll see how long she wants to hold on to her book about Jesus.”
The four Communist guards took Mrs. Ling into the street, mocked her, spat on her, and beat her until she could no longer stand. “Do you still believe in your book of myths?” laughed the guards.
Through a swollen, bleeding mouth, still holding her Bible, Lu Ying repeated her statement of faith.
The guards grabbed an iron bar and smashed the bones in her hands, causing her now crippled hands to lose their grip. The Bible fell to the street and was confiscated.
Nearly twenty years later, a mission courier delivered Mrs. Ling a Bible. Her eyes filled with tears. She clutched it with her deformed hands and whispered, “This time I’m not letting go.”

Many people have a full grasp on a half-truth. Whether they are atheists or agnostics, Buddhists or Hindus, all the dedication they can muster cannot transform their false beliefs into facts. Their sincerity is no substitute for the lack of substance. In contrast, Christians have the unchanging certainty of God’s Word to back up their beliefs, and they know that God’s Word is truth. We cannot afford to handle the Bible carelessly, though others come against us with all their might. Are you as tenacious in holding to God’s Word as you hold to other valuable possessions in your life, such as money or your reputation? Let all else slip from your grip; yet hold onto God’s Word at all costs.

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 Re: “This time I’m not letting go.”

This is a humbling story of faith, Sheri, thank you for sharing it!

God bless you,


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