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 Beware of the Tattoo Preacher

Thousands have been flocking to hear tattooed former Hell’s Angel Todd Bentley speak at a church in Cwmbran in South Wales, where he is holding revivalist meetings until Thursday.

Last Thursday night he told his audience he had brought 33 people back from the dead and cured more than 100 deaf mutes of their handicap.

Tory MP David Davies, whose Monmouth constituency covers part of Cwmbran, said: “I go to church and respect Christian beliefs, but I am concerned that some of the claims made by Mr Bentley are far fetched and should be treated cautiously.” ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/12/5 20:59Profile

 Re: Beware of the Tattoo Preacher

oh dear, so much i could say, but only God knows. forgive them for they know not what they do.

 2011/12/8 15:17


Todd Bentley... the nightmare that never ends.


 2011/12/8 16:29

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Lakeland FL


I have to say that I remember when Todd was in Lakeland, FL. He had a tent set up at sun n fun fly in at the airport. I never went by there when he was there. I was in a class that was just a few miles away from there. I was taking a break and while in the parking lot a couple of a well to do car came up to ask me where this meeting was. I gave them directions. Later I saw news come out about what he is all about. Reminds me somewhat of Rodney Howard Browne. Spent 6 weeks in his circus. At Carpenter's Home church. That church was sold to another church whose married pastorship recently divorce. Now the family who had carpenters home church pastor 2 other small churches. It is a trip!


 2011/12/8 17:20Profile


Former Hells Angel? Todd Bentley? Is that what he's claiming these days? I'm rather skeptical of that. The Hell's Angels are probably skeptical as well. Also, I believe most (if not all) of his tattoos were acquired after he was "saved".

Unless of course we're not talking about the biker gang when using the term Hell's Angel, and if that were the case, I wouldn't use the term "former".

 2011/12/8 21:43

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